Any one joining up from Hereford, Worcester or Surrounding?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Tkd-Ka, Mar 23, 2009.

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  1. Hi there,
    I have gone through selection at lichfield and now awaiting Basic Training Dates...
    Is there anyone who has either joined, joining, thinking of joining or just want to chat so people from local areas i thought it may be good to meet up here...
    Say hi...
    Any one from Herefordshire?
    Abergevenny or surrounding..
  2. No boat house routines before you start....
  3. Really???

  4. umm sorry what do you mean..?
  5. boat house, hereford, H, THEM??
  6. from 'ereford.... ummmm feel like i really missed the boat on this one so making my self seem really thick here.. d'oh sorry.....
    Ohh well anyone else from the Ford or surrounding?
  7. im sat here trying to understand that aswell....haha!
    im worcestershire so not a million miles away :)
  8. Stick around, you'll see plenty more.
    Its a 'Them' reference and you've brought it on yourself by mentioning the H.

    But I guess if you aren't even a sprog yet, then you might not know that.
    Check out Arrsepedia on the subject of 'Them'

    Hopefully you've made the sensible choice and are joining the Royal Artillery.
  9. Joining the RE is that a good or bad thing now????
  10. HAHA, trust me i have no mistach as im a SHE and i tbh i dont know anyone who has a mistache and for the rest of it..everyone has there own opinion i suppose... im an 'erefordian and proud of the fact..SORRY! lol
    i still interested whom may be arround the areas who may be joining too..or joint...
  11. I hesitate to comment because some wedgie is bound to get involved with a load of ill informed poorly evidenced 'history' about lanyards.

    I'm sure there's still time.
  12. There's quite a few of us from the 'ford serving. And a good percentage of them are R.E. best of luck.
  13. Thanks, what you serving as?
    RE, assuming?

    Tbh i do really like the ford when im not trying to leave. lol.

    Old time town but lovely at the same time. Just cant wait to get my dates am a 25yr old starting later for the army... cant wait for the change...
  14. Where are you in the process hun?
    Or are u already in?