any one joining as an aircraft technician

Thanks for the string get the idea. But can anyone give some guidance on what kind of time I maybe be lookin at. I know it also depends on your score at adsc.
Im still waiting and ive passed Seelection FCKING twice!!!!!
Have a look at the RN & RAF too, as they have the same/ similar trades. Don't get your hopes up too high though, I know someone who's going into the RAF in September as Avionics and he'll have been waiting about a year. Your best bet is to get into the careers offices pronto.
Jeezo, in my day (ha, 'in my day') from taking my Oath of Allegiance to basic training, it was about 6 weeks.

Mind you, there was a lot of hanging around on sh1t job detail at Phase 2; maybe they're trying to reduce that. It would make sense as you're not on the payroll like I was, being paid decent money to put up tents and sweep paths.

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