any one interested in old photographs ?

What was the question?
There is a picture of a VTOL aircraft in there which is quite nifty. It's a Convair something IIRC. Natty bit of kit.
There is a fantastic group on flickr for thrift shop finds
some of the images are proffesional quality
amazing pictures of cars, tanks aircraft and people shots
well worth wasting a little time to see how things were in the old days

Found in a Thrift Store: 35mm Slides | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
just to drag the thread back to the original theme, I found a few glass plates in my father in laws shed. badly water damaged. After making an improvised scanner I edited the worst out. We managed to identify one of the ships in one. all the people in the remainder are a mystery
There's some cracking stuff in there.

For a moment America seems utopian bright energetic and clean. No wonder so many were staunch defenders of their way of life against pinkos and commies

And their cars were immense

Joshua, what a great find, thanks for sharing.

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