Any one in scotland !

Hello all. There's going to be a charity paintball event on 27th August ( this Saturday ! ) in aid of BT UK & Macmillan.
It's being held to raise cash and awareness of brain cancer and also in honour of my husband, Shawn, who passed away on the 7th July from advanced brain cancer, 4 months after diagnosis, he was 42.
Shawn served for a number of years for the Royal Artillery and also The Royal Irish regiments. It would be great to get some of you guys down there for the day.
The event is to be held at :
Ape Paintball‎
Addiston Lodge
Ratho, Edinburgh, Midlothian EH28 8NT
0131 333 3001
If your up for getting shot at in aid of charity then let me know via message and I will get you booked in, or call the number above. Feel free to invite friends and family to play. And no you cant shoot the marshalls.

Price for the day is £30
Includes - Entry and Equipment, 400paintballs, BBQ
***Please could you let me know how many people will be attending in your party as soon as you can***

Thanks, Rachel.
Directions From:

Dreghorn Barracks,Redford Rd, Edinburgh, UK

1. Head east on Redford Rd/B701 toward Dreghorn Park 0.2 mi
2. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Dreghorn Link
Go through 1 roundabout 0.3 mi
3. Turn left to stay on Dreghorn Link 46 ft
4. Dreghorn Link turns sharply right and becomes Dreghorn Jct (signs for Glasgow/M8/Stirling/M9/A90/A720) 0.1 mi
5. Take the ramp onto A720 3.2 mi
6. Take the exit toward Calder Jct 0.2 mi
7. At Calder Jct, take the 1st exit onto Calder Rd/A71 heading to W Calder Continue to follow A71
Go through 1 roundabout 1.7 mi
8. Turn right onto Addiston Farm Rd
Destination will be on the left

APE Paintball | APE Paintball
PM Sent. Sad that so few interested. Come on guys from Redford, Dreghorn & Tattoo; do an airsoft domination day & kill walts.

Good luck all.
Well, aye, it would have been better to advertise the event sooner, but Shawn passed away on the 7th July and among the event and the talks I've been giving to Macmillan
conferences and the press, I've been a wee bit busy.
Mind, there is an abseil event in may, off the Forth Bridge for both the charities with lots of press attention, I need at least another 5 or 6 bodies, interested ?!

How did event go? Lucky you chose Saturday as Sunday was wet, cold and windy.

August = summer: not in Scotchland.


How did event go? Lucky you chose Saturday as Sunday was wet, cold and windy.

August = summer: not in Scotchland.

Longtime, no reply. Sorry, I've just about gotten over counting all the money we raised for BT UK & Macmillan. Sarcasm.
Nobody from Shawn's work turned up for the event. Not one. They all had at least 3 months notice; wank*rs. And all of 10 people took the time to turn up. The rest, approx 60, didn't even bother to tell us they had changed their minds. Nice.
So, I had no other option but to run up and down the A71, like a complete doughnut wearing a green fizzy wig and waving a Macmillan and Brain Tumour UK bucket in each hand to get the attention of several, nice, friendly motorists, who kindly donated.

Anyhow, I have a link to Shawn's BT UK Just giving page : Rachel Clark is fundraising for Brain Tumour UK
And also a link for a petition on awareness : Raise Awareness & Funding for those affected by Brain Tumours. - e-petitions
Feel free to stick your name on the petition. Much appreciated.
By the way, the weather was ok.

And I have also asked the ADJT at Dreghorn to help get 5 people,for the abseil in May, seeing as I can't rely on Shawn's friends.

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