any one having difficulty with bounty qualifing?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by MUTTSNUTTS, Mar 13, 2008.

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  1. i have recently returned from Ops on the understanding that i had fully qualified for my bounty this year now i know the COC does make things up, get things wrong and out and out lies through there teeth but i have now been informed that i have to get a certain number of out of camp dates before i qualify now with everything else that is going on in mylife post OPs the TA has taken something of back burner but this money really comes in handy especially this time of year.

    has anyone else had this problem and got any feed back as to if all the training pre op and intheatre counts towards bounty etc etc .


    mts nts
  2. Your Op counts as your camp, your MATTs and some of your out of camp days on a sliding scale depending how long you were in theatre for. Your RAO can give you the full gen - but it would have been amongst the paperwork you were given at Chilwell.
  3. Yes I know it sounds daft, but you will need to do some out of camp days to qualify for your bounty. As gren Slime said phone your RAO and find out how many more days you will need to do.

  4. Surely you can just go and Paint the garge doors at the TAC or something. FOr £1600 its worth taking a few days off work and getting in there.
  5. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I tried this but to no avail

    How it worked for me at the end of Telic 4

    I arrived back to be asked what are you doing about your bounty then
    No one had mentioned anything about bounty before then certanly not at Chilwell
    When asked what did I mean I was told I would have to put 5 days in for my bounty

    I was called up in 2004 for Telic 4
    Notice arrived December/Jan and IIRC correctly we went on Feb to Chillwell
    I was attached to A Sqn HCR
    I deployed before Easter leave with B Sqn HCR because they wanted 7 people to go out with B Sqn and I had already said my goodbyes etc so went
    Some of the lads came back in Sept I was asked and agreed to stay on until end of October as I was running A Sqn MT as a sort of acting unpaid with no rank CPL (Transport manager in civ div)
    Arrived back in Blighty end of October did 1 week at Windsor doing MATTS etc and then went to Chilwell to demob
    With POTL etc I was off until about January

    When I stated I would find it difficult to do the extra days what with settleing back into my own job and having to do training and courses for that the TAC did try to get me an extension but I work alot of weekend and so I offered to come in and track bash etc mon - Fri to make the time up but was told that I couldn't do it - so no bounty
  6. This question was raised at a recent CGS briefing I attended. The official line is that you still have to do the correct number of days to qualify for bounty. The reason being is that it is a TA bounty, and whilst deployed on operations TA soldiers are 'regular'. We also receive a call up 'bounty' when pasing through RTMC Chilwell.

    It's not the answer most TA soldiers like, but unfortunately it looks like we are stuck with it. A lot of our lads had similar experiences (including me) when we returned from Ops.

    If you feel it needs taking further, you can contact CGS via ArmyNET.
  7. What a lovely incentive.

    Surely the powers that be at units should be doing everything in their power to ensure those members that actually deploy on ops - thus doing what the TA is for - are rewarded as much as possible. Being told you can't do a number of days at the TAC is ridiculous to me
  8. On my first Tour in 1997 I had to do 6 weekends to qualify for Bounty, at the time My comment was that if 178 days was counted as In Camp Training, then how many years had I just qualified for. My last Tour in 2004-05 we were told that a Tour would be counted as Camp and so mnay days out of camp training, which resulted in most of us only had to do 2.5 days to qualify. Which is a little bit fairer.

    But iit s still taking the piss to claim that an average 178 days service does not count as the full whack of 27 days average TA Training.

    Clearly someone on the CGS Team needs to take their head out of their arse...
  9. As previously posted the rationale is that whilst mobilised you are regular and are paid as such, full X factor, allowances, leave entitlements, etc. In order to qualify for bounty on top of this you must complete some days during the training year in order to qualify for bounty - surely you can see this is a fair requirement otherwise what is the argument against regs getting a bounty???

    (The phrase cake and eat it springs to mind!)


    lights the blue touch paper and stands well back...........
  10. Reading another thread in this forum, apparently no one does it for the money anyway!!

  11. I can totally understand having the set requirements, my problem is with TA units not allowing people to come in to do X days to qualify after a tour - just seems a little silly not to "reward" those members that have mobilised to me
  12. Whilst I largely agree with you, the regulars *do* get a form of bounty. The retention bonus at 5 (or is it 6?) years is about the same as a TA soldier would have got over the same period. Plus they get x-factor and a pension.

    That said, you can consider that when you heed the call to go on tour, you are essentially signing up with a different employer. It's not true, but it's the way it works. So, what you do in Iraqistan really doesn't make a difference to your volunteer unit in Lower Anywhereton.


    Edited to add: I meant this all from the point of view of an IR. It would seem odd to lose your bounty-time served however if you went with your unit. After all, then you are working for them rather than another regular unit.
  13. Those paid to regs are taxable and are nowhere near what a TA soldier would receive over a comparable period. They also demand further commitment of at least 12 months wheras TA can "take the money and run!"