any one going for basic on the 6th of APRIL

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by janedoe, Nov 6, 2008.

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  1. i am a bit depressed at the moment, i thought i was goin to be goin for basic in jan without a date yet, but only after i went to see my ACA, was i told that there werent any spaces untill the 6th, so have anyone got these same dates as well, i am goin in to join the REME by the wat. :(
  2. Yes mate I got told exactly the same thing, Firstly I have to pass selection though but yeah, April it is for me if I do pass.
  3. Hey guys,

    If you don't mind me asking, when did you start your application?

    I've just sent off my medical and got my basic skills on the 20th... how long do you think I'm looking at till selection?

    Btw - can't decide to either go infantry (Rifles, or Princess of wales), or REME.

    Thanks for any advice guys.
  4. To be honest mate dont go for infantry or any combat role if you have qualifications, go for the REME it will set you for life, go on to the british army website and compare these roles as it will give you an eye opener to prevent you from making a mistake. the REME or Royal Signals, offer you very good qualifications which will make your life easier in the long run.
  5. Hey Thanks for your reply.

    Yeah i have quiet a few job roles to choose from (68), but i can't help but feel i would be missing out on something if i do join the REME? don't know why. You think the armorer would be a good role then? the other roles i'm thinking about was the trades, but i just worry i will get bored?

    The recovery stuff look good tho. Which role are you looking to go into with the REME?
  6. how'd it go eventually, did yu pass and have yu done ADSC yet...

  7. hiya, i think if you decide to join the REME your life will never be boring, i mean i am going in for Recovery Mech, and i am female, every officer i tell, they tell me its an interesting role, and also a very good choice as well, so i mean i am convinced that this was what i wanted to go for, i mean i went over to Sigs for a couple of days, and they're alright and all, but not my cup of tea, so if you want to do something that in the long run, would benefit you as a person and as an officer or soldier i would say go in for the REME and check out what they have.
  8. I haven't done selection yet but i'm hoping to get to basic training for spring time and i'm female. So i might end up with a similar date to you but i'll have to wait and see it all depends how well my Op goes a week today. Hopefully i can start to re-apply in December.

    Oh yeah i'm going for Corps of Army Music.

    Oh yeah i replied to your thread you made the other day. I can't belive they went and deleted it!!!!
  9. Im at around the same stage as you I think I sent my medical forms a few days before, I have been med cleared now it took 2 weeks wich I was pleased with as got told upto 6.

    Anyway they told me I would get dates for selection in the next week or so. So you should find out not long after you have been med cleared.

    Also if your worried about missing out but have quals, go for the RE, learn skills and get in the thick of it, check out the sappers in helmand video on the sapper forum.
  10. i kn rite silly people, i spent like 2hrs looking for anyhow, during selection, there was this chic from wales who was goin in for the same thing yur goin in for, the Corps of Army Music. and she did well, and passed, so when yu reapply, i hope yu get thru, and i might change me job choice and go in for Vehicle Mechanic instead of Recovery Mech, so i can have an earlier date or feb. cos April's jus long. i dnt wanna be seatin on my back side doin nuffink yu kn.
  11. I know that feeling. i was hoping to of started in Sept but i got defered so i've been sitting around not doing an awful lot and its driving me nuts. I'll be so glad when i finally get to basic.