Any one from 604?

Any one out there remember or have been with 604 Sig Tp, Munster?

Nick Carter

)WHoops is this in the wrong Place?
I know someone from 603 do you want me to get them to pop next door :D
...Thanks very much...

Just out of curiosity - is or was there a 603?

I had hear 604 was abandoned after I left, I think we drank too much!
Sorry but no, that isn't me, I did have a colourful and eventful time while in the glorious service, with such things as nicking two wheels off a new oc's car and ransoming them for two crates of beer... or encouraging 5 friends into dressing up in CND costumes and carrying a 9ft "rocket" and staging a CND protest during an "open day" held to share the Army's "openess" with joe public (we got watercannoned down and arrested).
I have plenty too share....

...Also if anyone from Tidworth remembers .... "The Rope"....
I was in Munster 1980 to 1984 ish... with 8 RCT...

I had a friend there once, he's dead now - keith radcliffe - well last i heard he was goner, apparantly ran out of breath, oh well.
Yep was at 604 in mid/late 80s ..... as part of 8 Regt RCT ... co located with RCT Comms Troop .... Comms support for 50 Miserable Regt (Nukes!) .... Was my first posting, so young and so daft! Massive unit, RSM parades were a nightmare about 1,000 blokes on parade!!! .... always seemed to pick our troop (we were the smallest!) was there until the bitter end for the disbandment due to cold war...... ended up working for one of the RCT Sqns until posted 6 months later!! Think they fired it up again much later on as some sort of Log Comms Tp...??? Ahh fond memories............. :)
I came across an old member of 8 Reg RCT, he was working as a jailer for a certain Police force, he was arrested for selling certain mind altering items back to the ladies of the night in exchange for pleasures... he now not work there!

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