Any one for tennis?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by hibby, Jun 25, 2004.

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  1. You can not be serious!!
    A game played by ex public school boys and people with unpronoceable names ("Timmy" played a bloke called "Evo Hairburger")who have to knock a furry ball about on a lawn,and each game lasts for hour's!!
    And whats with the scoring? 15 points a shot ,its nearly as bad as the Egg chasers 7 points for handling the ball over the line and then kicking it over
    the goal!!( Johny Willkinson taught Spakham well :twisted:)
    Let's just make a game 15 mins each way 1 point a miss, add them up after 30 mins one with most points looses,Wimbollox is then cut from 2 weeks to 2 days ,and we dont have to listen to posh birds trying to make the commentry interesting
    Ive no complaints about the Girlies game going on a bit longer , theres some crackers there this year ,not including the Williams "brothers" there scary 8O
  2. I concur !! Lorra bollox !! Wimblbollox in fact. Bring on the curling I say.

    Ubique tu bastardo !!
  3. it's a game for poofs and lezzers , played and watched by ..... poofs and lezzers.
    there should be some sort of law against it , and who would give up their leave to go and stand around in barracks dress and a twatt hat dishing out programmes to aforementioned deviants, f**king losers. :twisted:
  4. anymore of this outrageous stuff in the naafi and I will lock the subject :wink: :wink: :wink: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. You idiots!!! - You're completely missing the point.

    White knickers and pert breasts, - what more can a dirty old man ask for?

    So you have to sit through a bit of crap in the process. Life tends to be a bit like that.
  6. CC admit it .... you're in "tiger timmy's" fan club aren't you ya big nance.
  7. At least it gives the scallies a chance to get there surplus Jubelee kit out of moth balls, you know the stuff, union jack bowlers ,tee shirts ,minni flags ,and the rest of the clag,and they can make a tidy proffit selling it on to the hysterical school girls, and menopausel great aunts who actualy watch this tripe . :twisted:
    And who in there right mind would pay 6 quid for half a dozen Strawberrys and a squirt of dale farm !!!(must be southerners who dont see that much fresh fruit down there :lol: )
  8. You might not like it as a game, but there is an awful lot of money to be made if you are any good at it.

    I wish I played as badly as Henman and Rusedski and earned the money they do!
  9. I haven't got a farm.... :?
  10. Sorry DTS ,Delete Dale farm ,insert Dairy produce of youre choice :D

  11. What feckin eejit said that !?! Heavens t'Mergatroyd, have ye clapped eyes on yon Maria Sharaboobies bint !?! 8O Yeeeeee Haaaaaaw ! Warra babe, awesome legs, mega titties and nips ye could hang wet dufflecoats on !!!

    AND......the noises she makes FFS, imagine having that on all fours, a big fistful of hair, and giving it a guid rootering frae ahint ???!!!!
    Haw hee haw, can ye imagine the noise she'd make !!???

    Feckin awesome.

    Away to watch the feckin video again !!!
  12. Couldn't exactly take that back to the block for a quiet rimming :wink:
  13. she's not all that fer f**ks sakes , she's averagely nice , it's just compared to the rest of the tackle hiding square jawed rug munching steel thighed
    man headed ball breakers , well , she looks like a girl , not a bloke in a dress................ that's not to say i wouldn't :wink:
  14. Why would you want too? I would want everyone in the block to know who I was shagging, I might sign autographs after if they ask nicely, too.

  15. And, Dude, thats why ye miss out on so much action !! Yer a fussy c*nt :wink: