Any one for Rapier B1 ?

Just been a having a scan thru Milweb for anything interesting and came across a complete towed Rapier, inc the DN181 blindfire, up for sale. Linky here;

Can't remember what a det/sub cost back in the cold war glory days but I bet 8 and 1/2 K wouldn't get you much from British Aerospace ! Not mine I hasten to add, if it was Lance then would prob sell wife and kids.
Build up your biceps by rolling in that Fcuking 55 Way Cable drum...;( :x
Ha and laughing at Nigs for trying to bump start the Gene around the compound..LMFAO..;) :wink:
Feck me I spent 2 years of my life trying to keep those barstewards on the road with black boxes! A1 D15 box anybody?

As an aside when I was ATO at Kineton a WRAC droipped a pallet of missiles from a FLT. When we opend them up every single one had split in the middle. Total cost - feck knows - a small street of houses back in 1978!
Spent my first three week exercise in BAOR rolling that fu$%ing 55 way in and out, nicley interupted by multi hour sentry stags where my food was brought to me because the sweats couldn't be ar$ed to do them, you had to earn the right to do a stag on the tracker. Oh the joys of being a NIG. Great memories.
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