Any one for HESH?

Up armoured with an Enforcer system mounted on a HMG.

If I was a tankie I'd be tugging off to that, but I'm Infantry so i'll go back to my shovels and bayonets...
I have to admit that tank looks well nails.
"...which for training purposes would normally be limited to some nine to ten rounds per squadron, per year."

Less than one per month? I'm non-serving, so no wah, but isn't that extraordinarily few?
Let's not get confused here, we're talking about 'Live' HESH, IE - Not training rounds presuming they're still called SHPRAC. It was always the same, we were lucky to get our hands on live HESH on annual firing........normally managed to get a couple on BATUS but, they were a rare beast indeed......presumably due to government coffers and the speed with which RAC crews could empty the fcukers on ranges!!!!
ooohh...HESH...used to blast them out of WOMBAT...I used to like things that went Bang..but my doctor says its bad for my Heart and Sphincter these days.

I`ll get my (great)coat

I see it Coming...............Some Fckucker is going to ask What a WOMBAT is now

NOOOOO its HESH!!!! Its not live or anything its HESH, and it is painted Black and Yellow!

Anyway, a few years ago when I was at the 'school', I too got involved in disposing of a few hundred rounds that had exceeded its shelf life. On a nice day in May, on 5 Tips, my Gunner Mech course had a fun day...I seem to remember my wife firing about 20 of them....all at High Ellipse!


Bad flag drills - 4 way flashers seem to be in order though. Big long pointy ones are only DS PRAC though :cry: .
.... YANS
(yet another non story...)

this has been happening in Iraq for years...

I ran a range day for the clanks on Telic 4

(they had smoke as well... allegedly :wink: )


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