Any one fancy being a Colonel

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dante242, Nov 25, 2007.

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  1. I can't see my CO being too impressed when I tip up at work demanding to be called Colonel phantom....
    for $25 it could be worth it just to see how much poo I can get myself into.
  2. so i did RMAS and paid blood sweat tears and loads of money on gucci boots and socks when i could simply have bought one of these commissions on waltbay

    one word comes to mind - bugger
  3. Proberly a higher standard. I wonder if they send any badges....
  4. No one tell Mike Golden, that embroidered patch looked a touch maroon coloured. He'd love it.
  5. Selling commisions used to work well in the Empire days.
  6. I think 168 Regt's C.O MUST have got hers there!
  7. I think 168 Regt's C.O MUST have got hers there!
  8. that came out of a cracker!!
  9. I thought thats how all the REME techs got promoted :twisted:
  10. She needs to use the comb that came out of that cracker too - Ha Ha!
  11. Now this strikes me as being dangerous. Bohemian Government in exile? No risk of active service? Boll0cks!
    Once they have sold enough commissions you will get a brown envelope through the door informing you that the Bohemian Royal family want their country back and you have to foot the bill for two dozen shiney new tanks.
  12. I'm liking the idea this

    Get used to calling me Col Meiktila you worms!!