Any one else changing to the rifles ?

Discussion in 'ACF' started by PartTimeSJT, Sep 10, 2006.

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  1. alright guys, im up north just shy of the Durham L.I catchment area, but still badged L.I, any of you guys changing to the rifles in feb 07?
  2. My good lady and all of 'E' Coy YACF will be.
  3. is there a big do on like? what county is that matey?
  4. The official line is that all RGJ and LI cadets change to The Rifles along with Regular & TA units. Whether this will be in February or later or actually happen to all cadet units, I would not like to place bets on.
  5. Not all TA units are changing to the Rifles - those oop north will not be joining 6 or 7 Rifles.
  6. ...and a few TA LI will become 4 Mercian.

    But if the LI are changing to Rifles in Feb 07, and 4 Mercian doesn't form until Aug 07, doesn't that leave a few orphaned LI for 6 months, or will they change to Rifles, and then change to 4 Mercian?

    My Head Hurts,

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  7. who are 4 Mercian.

    I'm going Rifles from RGBW LI in 2007 sometime.
  8. Hi,

    Mercians will be formed using the current Cheshires (1 Mercian), Worcestershire and Sherwood Forresters (2 Mercian), Staffords (3 Mercian), and a TA unit, The West Midlands Regiment (4 Mercian).

    The West Mids is multi capbadge after "Options for Change", and contains Staffs, Woofers, Fusilier and LI companies, so these last two will also become 4 Mercian.

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  9. God's Own County (Yorkshire :lol: )

    I've not heard any detail yet (probably be all last minute like ours was), but will post when I know more.
  10. received over. i beg to differ about gods county because every one knows Co.Durham is Gods country :p
  11. We change to Rifles in Feb 07 definately. As far as I'm aware we are having a rebadging ceremony but theres nothing finalised yet.
  12. Hi new to the forum. i know somke of bristol acf are badged RGBW at the moment. Sadly it seems they wont be rebadging as the rifles, more likely logistics.
  13. all of us in BucksACF are changing over, ofcourse were all RGJ at t'moment, i expect a rebadging ceramony, it'd be nice for it t'be a big public one, bring t'ACf more into the public eye. aparantly though our band might be staying as RGJ for a while, so i get to wear both badges (at diff times). im gonna miss being RGJ but shit happens. eventually weel all be merged into one big regiment. then theyll start raising new one i spose
  14. well i get to wear my no2's for the last time as LI this year on nov the 11th it will be a proud moment and one can only imagine what next year will bring.
  15. You'll still be in LI kit next year old chap.

    There will be quite a gap before any ceremonial kit works it's way as far as the ACF.