any one currently on FP at camp bastion?


hello is anyone on here currently out with FP coy in camp bastion as i will be mobilsing soon and wanted to know what the score was firt hand i have been mobilised before and know about the stagging on etc just wanted to know what the place was like and what other duties where invoved etc.

cheers mts nts


I think you will find that the Internet access at Camp Bastion is pretty limited (lots of troops, not many terminals) - so we will see if you get a reply.

If you are going out for the middle six months of next year then you will already know the RTMC / PDT timetable (which starts shortly) and you will soon get shed loads of information from the FP Coy command team (including its warm, cuddly CSM).


yep that will be me then im out here with the rifle vols and its very shit u will be worked none stop with no time of at all the good news is that we have spent very little time stagging on the remfs in camp do most of that the camp its self is very basic at the mo but by the time u lot get here it should have got alot better anything else u want to no the pm me it might take a bit for me to get back to u as was said theres only 20 internet terminalls for 2500 troops
Yep, im out here to, and my colleage is right, we do get worked hard but im still averaging about 6 hours sleep most nights, however i would dissagree with being told we dont do much stagging on. Two weeks of every month is purley stagging on living in a sanger for three or four days at a time or stagging on the gate (mpgs springs to mind). but we do get 2 weeks spread betwen local patrols going out a number of times a day and then occasional patrols pushing out further into the AO, plus QRF or gaurding the nearby American camp.

but this makes it sound better than it is, it is still soul destroying for 2 weeks out of four, or 3 weeks out of four if one of the attached marine troops gets taken away to do a convoy escort during your patrols phase so then you have to do their stagging on.

bottom line is, Bastion Force Protection= lots of stagging on but also a fair amount of patrolling in what has so far been quite a quiet AO


cheers guys sounds pretty grim but nothing i want expecting is it quiet in the AOR due to the time of year so i can expect it to kick off??? any oone got any good ideas on prep or things to take from this side of things im all ears.
well the gurkhas didnt have many war stories when we rocked up about the ao only about the other taskings they did further afield. but the temperatures out there at the moment certainly arent for the fair weather warriors amongst the taliban, if i wore flip flops id stay at home polishing my RPG aswell. dont get me wrong though helmand is still active and i know other parts of helmand are cheeky, plus each battlegroup has its own way of approaching (stirring) things, 3 commando is a very differant creature to the para's, when the paras were still around we saw them patrolling right upto the last day.
who knows, the AO might have kicked off while i've been on R&R.

referance things to take with you,
small radio is essential after 3 days sitting ontop of 3 iso containers looking at sand.

other than that not much else i can suggest because the weather we've had is totally differant to what you'll have. i'm heading back soon, so i'll see you when you arrive

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