Any one able to advise / inform me about being TA reme soldier? pay , hours etc etc

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jimmyc, Oct 26, 2012.

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  1. ok after years of wanting to go back into the army (im ex regular) im now not gettin any younger and my kids are of age where i feel bit better about leaving them whilst away etc , having bin in touch with careers office im told im now too late to jion the regulars! gutted but i have bin advised by them and by my old rsm (now also with a TA unit) to contact reme TA unit in liverpool (my most local , and i want to go into reme to gain new skills licences etc ) , before i do this on Monday id love if any one can advise me a little on what to expect in terms on tours ? pay structure (all i can find on line is that you get quarter of days pay for every day u do !?!?!? ) in real life terms and basic english hows that actually work out? id be willing to and want to put in as many hours as possible (least as much as i would workin full time in civvy job) is this possible and would iget paid for all hours i work ? also does pay rise as u gain more licences and further training/qualifications (as mechanic /engineer etc) ? im sure theres loads im forgetting to ask but,,,! Also how is the traingin for this rolel carried out? 6 month away or more or? am i lookin at several weekend away driving cadres or weeks away at a time gaining lots of licences etc in 1 go ? . Any help greatly appreciated thanks
  2. Commendable effort..but the army is awash with new applicants and younger re dont get too exited
  3. it is? how times have changed , was undermanned to death when i was in last !
    Any one able to answer any of the questions i asked? Ta
  4. ooh by the way , im 33yo , no 17yo eager beaver but not on me deathbed just yet

  5. 33 ? game over
  6. over the hill at 33?! for the Ta ?
  7. Max age is 43 for the TA, but you might need to work on your literacy a bit for the basic skills assessment!!