any on know where i can get webbing tailored

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by k.I.N.G.O, Jun 18, 2007.

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  1. guys n galls i need a point in the right direction, does any one know where i can get webbing tailored to my specific spec.

    short of geting needle n cotton out my self of course.


    PS i tried wonder web but that dont work

  2. HM supplies will do it for about £20, depending wot u wnat doing. eg pouches attached to bergans etc!
  3. what do you want to do to yor webbing give us a clue that might help in finding the right tailor
  4. ok

    im looking to have every thing attached as a one piece type of set up similar to the airborne webbing.

    also i want the front pouch on my bergen removing anf three utility pouches attaching on to it instead for water rations and stove to be attached.

    i have a couple of designs i want to explore as well to make isued kit more user friendly

    let me know your thoughts guys

  5. there is a tranny that works in the equipment repair store in vimy barracks infantry training center catterick she/he is called philipa and will knock you up talored webbing and talored bergans for a few £ or a bit of brew kit well worth a look and cheep
  6. Troopers in Colchester can do absolutely anything you want. Being the home of 16 Air Assault you can be guaranteed to get the airborne webbing you want.
  7. Nah, I'd give troopers a miss.

    Dragon Supplies in Colchester are much better. Better quality and tailored to your specific needs. Give them a ring or check out their website. They've got lots of different products, not just standard issue.
  8. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    1. When was the last time you wore webbing in anger ? (In your scratcher with a new subbie when you've got PMT doesn't count.)
    2. Are you Inf ?
    3. Have you taken part in a live attack on a two way range ?
    4. Why are DS better ?
    5. What makes you think that DS are of better quality ?
    6. Why do you think Troopers don't tailor kit to your specific needs ? FFS, they've been doing this for years longer than DS.
    7. PF plus the majority of the Reg and Bde use them regularly, (not STABly.) Why do you think you know better than these blokes about the kit they need ?

    Get a grip and leave the Inf recommendations to those that have experience.
  9. What they do circus tents for fat munters? Well I never! 8O
  10. Being a tailor, I've actually looked at the kit and how it is put together. That is how I know.

    Superpooper, don't be so hard on yourself. I'm sure if you need a circus tent for yourself they can provide one.
  11. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Oh good the standard Internet answer, "I know, so there !"
    Very specific... If you told us exacty why would you have to kill us ?

    Did Gary slip you a length for that plug ?
  12. I made the mistake of buying beltkit from Dragon (now sold on, thank God); in and of itself their webbing isn't bad, but it's mass produced stuff and it doesn't come close to Troopers. Also, I understand that they saw what Troopers were doing and basically copied them.

    The sheer attention to detail Troopers have to the beltkit, the customisation available and the reinforced stitching they employ mean that they are head and shoulders above Dragon.

    I've seen and bought both and I know which I'd rather have.
  13. I don't get where you get mass produced from. They make the stuff on site and offer customisation with reinforced stitching and everything else you could want.

    Twas wrong to say give Troopers a miss. Both of them offer a good service, but I know that alot of people prefer DS due to their good customer service.

    And Cuts, i didn't give Gary a plug, it was a coax.
  14. I have brought kit from DS & Troopers in the past, In my humble opion I find that the service and quality from DS to better than troopers. DS hold more stock and their own made kit has more attention to detail and they will customise their kit to suit your needs.

  15. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Someone's been giving you huge ones ! Porkie pies that is.
    Their major 'stuff' is made no-fcuking-where near there.
    Having said that, kit such as the DPM Para bergan is bloody brilliant, but if DS claim they make it all themselves then theres no doubt whatsoever that they share 100% of their DNA with cheap NAAFI wristwatches.
    Reinforced stitching & limited customisation maybe.

    I really hope you're on about co-ax for Sigs kit.
    Or do you mean coax as in a come-on, for promises of things to come ?
    If he'll lie about the amount of field kit he makes, he'll lie about the quantity of other things too.
    Just don't want you to be bitterly disappointed.