Any "older" applicants out there?

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I'm 26 and looking at applying as a student nurse (always wanted to do something medical, randomly ended up doing law at uni, working in local government, hate it, decided forces is the way to go). Are there any other peeps out there who are slightly older, shall we say, than your average recruit who might be up for a bit of advising?

Obviously at my age I've built up a bit of a life on civvie street - flat (rented, but the furniture's mine), partner (not married yet, but a possibility apparently), car (mine, no HP), bank loan, pets, etc. Was wondering if anyone had any advice on how they went about packing it all up when they joined up, or how they're planning to do it?

My OH works away a lot so I think he might be better moving to a shared place for a while as then his stuff would be kept an eye on while he's away and we maybe put the rest in storage. He does earn enough to keep our present place on but his salary is not regular like mine (he does event security), whereas the bills inevitably do come every month. Add to that the fact that he's not brilliant at budgeting and you can see why I might be a bit concerned. At the moment the bills are paid by my salary and he pays me housekeeping every week, but obviously that couldn't happen if/when I start training.

It feels like there's a lot to think about and I want to have some ideas in my own mind before I sit down with the OH and start discussing practicalities. He is ex-RAMC so he has some comprehension of what would be happening and stuff, but obviously he's never done it from the "being the one left behind" point of view. I know it's very early in the day to be thinking about it given that I haven't yet applied but it's definitely something that needs thinking about!

Any advice muchly appreciated :)
You won't get Houseing unless you are married and they won't pack anything for you. I'm in a similar boat regarding a flat etc.
I know that about the married bit and I don't expect anyone to pack for me! That wasn't quite what I was asking. I meant "pack it all up" as in close down the civvie life and make the transition to forces life. Sorry, bad choice of words :silent:

How you planning to manage it with your place?
My partner will stay in place while i'm in basic and i will be paid in to my join account which i manage online anything left after bills etc i'll keep in there just in case. When i finish basic and join my regiment she will probably move closer but not on the base (for obvious reasons as i'm not married) and i'll see her when i can.
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