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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by old_bloke, Nov 6, 2009.

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  1. Sleep ? . Real question , I know , with my eyes closed. But more of a HTF did they do it.

    2 blankets and a Great coat. or a sleeping bag?

    What if it was raining and your poncho had a hole in it?

    Not a "Wha" as I am really interested in how the hell you men managed to survive in a "wet and cold" climate with a sleeping bag made of cotton and feather dust and a poncho made of a crisp packet?

    I have read about and seen some of the cold weather kit issued in Korea and it was excellent for its time but how did the Inf in say BAOR at the time manange a 3 week Ex out in the field? Wet for say 20 days , so how many cold , trench foot , frost nip were taken back to camp?
  2. My Dad did the trinasium in ammo boots, followed by an operational tour against the Mao Mao where I suspect he wore same. He wore a (heavy) tanky suit under his normal attire to keep warm in temperate climes but didn't always have time to get it off before bugging out. McNob & co reported similar probs in 91 with their chinese fighting suits.

    IMO military clothing wasn't properly addressed until after the Falklands conflict in 82 <before which we were still wearing DMS Boots, Puttees & KF shirts!>& was further enhanced in 95.

    Re Equipment; 58 Pattern webbing & SLRs dated 1959 were older than most of the blokes in the regiment by the time they were superceded in 87 (SA80 A1) & 90 (90 Pattern webbing-initially plain green).

    & HTF did we get in a position where we had no desert uniforms anywhere in the system at the start of GW1?
  3. Thay were tougher in those days, having been brought up six to a rat-filled palliasse in an old cardboard box.

    And no-one is to say 'luxury!'
  4. In 1969 while in Libya we were issued with "Airbourne Sleeping bags" these were a sort of cross between a sleeping bag and a bivvi and made out of a sort of canvas and commo'd much like the old "Dennison smoke "pattern. When rolled up they were huge and there was no way they could have been carried on 38/44 pattern webbing backpacks.we carried them on the outside of our Saracens. but hey were waterproof, at least when new, and very warm, sorry but can't find a picci

    just found one of them on a saracen,theres three of them stuffed upright in the nearest bin

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  5. I may well be wrong here, but the era in question may be out a bit.
    58 pattern webbing included the Green Slug sleeping bag and even if units were not issued 58 pattern webbing, eg RAC regiments in BAOR in the 70s, they still had the Green Slugs.
    Prior to that I think Tropper is correct, at least as far as the RAC is concerned, and there were these huge Denison smock things but I doubt the inf used them.
    Not much help I know.
  6. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    There were some still knocking about when I got to my Regiment (RHG/D) in 86 in Germany. I remember the SCM having one strapped to the side of his Ferret. Bloody huge thing no good for boots on ground infantry.
    Ive got a photo of my Father doing his National Service with The Glousters and he appears to be carrying nothing more than a couple of rolled up blankets.
    As somebody said earlier i guess they just bred them tougher then.