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War Hero
I am off to Hedley Court for rehab on Monday the 5th march for 3 weeks.

Wondering if anyone has an old game they are no longer playing that will work on XP. if not what is a good recommend to keep me going for 3 weeks and no internet access.

all my games are for the 360.

Anything will do to pass the time of day

Many thanks



War Hero
Civilisation, any version from 2 onwards, but 3 weeks at Hedley Court will not be enough :D
Age of Empires
Available at budget price of £5 from most PC OUTLETS
Should keep you going for 3 weeks


you havent said what type of game you prefer.

for old games if you can get hold of them and they are gems are fallout / fallout 2 which are rpg or even op flashpoint. should all run on a laptop no problem.

IS Ski Geek

War Hero
I was thinking of some kind of strategy game allong the lines of command and conquer or something like that.

somebody mentioned buying something called world of warcraft but not sure. Even a mil strategy game would be good.



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World of Warcraft is on-line only, so no good for you.

Try 'Heroes of Might and Magic IV' or III (Not V, too buggy still). Very addictive, easy to get into.

PM me, I could (if it were legal) make you copies.....


Starcraft from the makers of war craft cheap as chips on e bay .Got the orignal grand theft auto you could have dont know what grapics and memory it needs though
Geekster, I've got a couple of the Delta Force series if you want them. Pukka copies too, which may surprise you.

Give me a bell if you want them.
red faction 2 and splinter cell Pandora tomorrow both for under a fiver each at tesco


Would easily recommend Starcraft, Total Annihilation and Red Alert 1 (2 is poo), but I've not tried them on XP. I know EA released a pack not too long ago with every single command and conquer game on it ever made and I'm sure they will work on XP. Think you can pick it for around £20, that’s red alert 1 and about 4 expansion packs, the first person shooter and the newer ones as well.

Also if you want I could get a cartridge for the Nintendo DS and said cartridge has a memory card slot. You fill this memory card with downloaded DS games, plug into cartridge then into DS, ta da a few hundred DS games without the need to change the cartridge. Not that id condone such things, but I have heard its rather handy for long days away and whittling away the hours.


If you can find a copy, the original MDK ran on a fairly poorly specced laptop, but had great graphics, fast action and a very whimsical story line.

And you got to use The World's Smallest Nuke to open doors.

MDK 2 was bonk though.

The other one in the same vein was the original Project: IGI. Again, it was cleverly written so would run on a low spec machine, but still had great graphics for the time.

I'm not sure if IGI 2 would work on a laptop, but it can be played offline with no problems.

If you can't find a copy, PM me and I'll see if I can find anyone with a spare copy for sale.


Got a spare copy of starcraft just realised you can have .


Black And White 2.
Oblivion - Will take few weeks to complete.
Company Of Hero's - Also come with a free game so 2 for £12 off

Edit i forgot to say Company of hero's is a amazing amazing game.
I'd have to recommend Far Cry. Getting on a bit now, so system spec shouldn't be a problem, and still looks amazing. Plus it's cheap, I picked mine up for a fiver on Ebay.

Failing that, any old Championship Manager or Football Manager game. Be prepared to lose a lot of sleep though.....
ufo enemy unknown it's free of the net although you will need a dos emulator as it is that old and the xp mod is very unstable


Hitman Contract
GTA One and London
Call of Duty 1,2 + UO
101st Airbourne (like worms but army related)
Return to Castle Wolfenstien

All work well on XP basic graphics (GTA even works on Windows 95)


Secret Files of TunGuska
Syberia 1 and 2
Aliens Vs Predator 2 (old game but still excellent)
Quake 3, 4

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