Any of you read this book

Discussion in 'Southern Africa' started by EdMcDonald, May 7, 2011.

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  1. New Release April 25th 2011
    Self published Rhodesian based book
    "Three Sips og Gin"
    Stewards, Stengahs, Scandals and Strife
    "An absorbing and amusing chronicle of a young man's adventures in an African continent at war with itself. The author`s self-deprecating and light hearted account of his involvement in Rhodesia's shadowy bush war belies the great bravery and distinction with which he fought and which I personally was privileged to witness."

    Lt. Col. Ron Reid-Daly.
    Commanding Officer: Selous Scouts Regiment
    Tim begins "Three Sips of Gin" by taking us behind the veil of decadent behavior and excesses which prevailed in Colonial East Africa during his childhood. For bored housewives surrounded by legions of native servants, scandals and stengahs provided welcome relief from the monotony of their pampered lives. Later, Tim gives us rare insight into the strict and unforgiving domain of the remote African boarding school where status among schoolboys was determined not from within the classroom, but by more notable deeds worthy of schoolboy lore. The excitement of Tim's African adventure intensifies when, as a young commissioned officer with one of the worlds most elite Special Forces units, we follow him into the silence of the shadows to seek out and destroy terrorist lairs in what was one of Southern Africa's most brutal bush wars. It is here you will read never before published details of some of the Selous Scouts last and most top-secret operations. Finally, we stumble with Tim through the intrigues, excesses and scandals of the boardroom of a large multinational company based in South Africa where longevity of service was as tenuous as the morning mist on the Matabele plains. But most of all we share in the remarkable wit and humour of Tim's remarkable African adventure.

    More info *Three Sips of Gin
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  2. I did read something similar, "Blood Lily" by Mason Cranswick its in the book reviews
  3. Haven't read that in particular, but I have a good friend that served in Selous Scouts that provided me with some good works.

    'See You In November' is a good read

    Rhodesians as far as I can ascertain are a special breed. Their music is worth a gander too
  4. Yep - reading it now - brill - available from 30 Degrees South UK South African Books

  5. SPIDER38

    SPIDER38 On ROPs

    i was looking at this book recently and the front cover has a striking image of what i would describe as a wild man kneeling down with an AK and a destroyed tank in the back ground...i say this because it has always interested me how men dare operate in an enviroment alongside lions, elephant and god forbid black mambas,not to mention the enemy...braver men than me.