Any of you feckers in Brisbane

Discussion in 'Australia' started by thegimp, Nov 16, 2010.

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  1. According to work I may find myself in Brisbane for 5 weeks over Christmas.....

    What the crack there, I'm a beer and fishing sort of bloke

    Suggestions please

    This may turn into a a thailand post so apologies now....
  2. Not in Brissy but from memory you can certainly drink there. If you're on your way soon you might want to catch some of the first Ashes test match at the Gabba over the period 25-29 Nov. Fishing there's bound to plenty of.
  3. Jump in a car or on a plane and pop up to Port Douglas. Meant to be very good for fishing and beer there. We will be spending Christmas week there, boozing and pretending it's not Christmas.
  4. bags of scope for drinking, talent spotting ;fishing no problem, game fishing out of redcliffe or Bribie Island , try A few days at tangaloomah resort, just an hour from brisbane pinkenba ferry terminal, try the city beach at southbank , great beach with lots of tourist totty , southbank pub is a must , dont get me wrong we love popping over to thailand , cheaper than flying up the coast, but for nightlife and free totty brisbane takes some beating
  5. Cabs and public transport are diabolical in Brisneyland; if you're going out on the lash (especially in the City or Fortitude Valley) organise a designated driver, go in private vehicles and resign yourself to being screwed for parking fees. It will be less inconvenient, less frustrating, faster and safer than the other means.

    Traffic can also be dire; Brisbane is a big country town that's struggling to cope with a city's population and a growth boom. Not much to be done except to plan your trips and allow extra time.

    The meeja routinely churn out horror stories about pissed Fri/Sat night violence, especially in the CBD/Valley; may or may not be true, treat with scepticism and use common sense.

    Ignore mass-produced beerlike fluid such as VB, Fourex, Foster's etc. - it's get-pissed juice for morons who don't know better. Cooper's and Malt Shovel Brewery James Squire make some good brews and there are a (very) few microbreweries about, if you don't mind looking.

    Plenty of fishing on Moreton Bay about 45 mins drive East, also on the Nth/Sth coasts which are well within reach (think day trips)

    PM me if you like.
  6. My fecking Sister is in Brisbane - I will warn her the Gimp is inbound so to stay off the streets, out of bars and restaurants for the next 5 weeks...
  7. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    The gimp is just being a barsteward!!! He must have heard that next week the temp in parts here is due to drop to -10 and he is just trying (successfully) to make us jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!:crash:
  8. Best thing to do is Brisvegas is to get in a car, point it south and drive to Sydney.
  9. Seems to be working the other way; hundreds of thousands of Mexicans overrunning SE Queensland in general and Brisbane in particular. Then whinging that it's overcrowded and that the infrastructure's failing.

    Then **** off back where you came from, goodbye, good riddance...
  10. I shall be feeling the love of Brisbane/any where in australia and Thailand for my extensive and well paid leave from civvy job :)

    so keep the ideas coming in chaps
  11. buy a slab of their vintage, cellar a six pack, drink the rest and blackout. Local refuses to sell it in anthing larger than a middy. "I'll have 4 middys then please".
  12. Speaking of strong drink, you may encounter something called INNER CIRCLE RUM


    I last saw it in 1989, when it stripped a considerable amount of paint from a roommate's locker, but some misanthrope has started perpetrating it again.

    You have been warned!
  13. What sort of fishing?


    I've only got 15hp on the tinny so stick to estuaries. There's room for a couple of crab pots and we normally target flat head with soft plastics. Esky full of frosty treats = a good day out.

    Bloke in the boat with me was off shore the other week after Marlin. Too pricey for me.

  14. Try the pumicestone passage mickor even round the front of the island by good weather, lots of muddies in ningi creek,and plenty of snapper round the oyster beds