:?: Right we all know that we are getting a new type of sqn COMMAND AND SUPPORT Does any body have any idea what the orbat will be in this SQN . 1) Will snipers and Fac's be in the same troop ?
2) Where does mstar fit in all this ?
3) Is it true FR regiments are getting 81mm mortars ?
all basic questions i know but in ' true blue' fasion my regiment have not got a clue , or if they have its being kept secret within 'puzzle palace' . We are ment to be forming this new SQN in August yet nobody has any idea of whos doing what etc . Any points from anybody inthr recce world would be great . cheers :D
Your Ops O should have the Orbat, ask your Sgt Major for a copy.

The C&S Sqn has a few 'war only' add-ons, which I won't go into on here.

I don't think you're getting 81mm mortars though, they really are for proper infantry :)

Remember also that each Regt will tailor the assest it's given to suit it's needs, so even if snipers were to be in C&S, they may still be farmed out to each Sqn in your Regt.

PM me with your unit and I may be able to shed more light.
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