Any of you chaps Tailand based

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by thegimp, Nov 16, 2010.

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  1. According to work I may find myself in Thailand for 5 weeks over Christmas.....

    What the crack there, I'm a beer and fishing sort of bloke

    Suggestions please

    This may turn into a Brisbane post so apologies now....
  2. Nignoy might be around then and I think he hangs out at hua hin - send him a PM
  3. How about command_doh? He could do with a friend round about then I bet, he'll be broke, homeless and probably no longer a virgin & roaming about with some Garry Glitter type to keep up payments on the tuk-tuk, buffalos etc...
  4. I'm pretty sure jonwilly's in that neck of the woods.
  5. How did I miss such an opportunity. I imagine some photo's of the happy couple would be nice. I do hope the buffalo's mastitis clears up and grandma gets her new dentures.
  6. if its wine women and song your after, huahin ,or Cha am 30 minutes further south brilliant fishing and lots of lovely ladies, if its rum, bum and gramaphone records walking street pattaya is the place to be !! and if you are a yorkshire man Phuket is the places full of timeshare touts, ladyboys and indian traders bit like bradford with sun !!
  7. looks like i'm down to two day and a night in bangkok.

    whats the worst trouble i could get into........

    reccommendations warmly received
  8. You could be kidnapped by the grammar nazis and tortured with correctly spelled threads.
  9. thats one fingered typing while eating an apple.

    I'm an ex bootneck not Stephen ******* fry you dribbling pony cock
  10. [​IMG]

    No sense of humour today?
  11. No, you don't.
  12. Do you mean Tallyland i.e. Glasgow?
  13. I am in that entire Parish until March in a couple of weeks. Rotuma, Fiji, Waikato NZ, Western Oz, Pattaya and 'Nam again.

    If I can shake off the moaner for a couple of days we can get bollocky and drunk and torment fat Germans looking for child anus on the strip.
  14. We should have a sweepstake. Which of the above locations will Juan be arrested in?
  15. You lucky bastard JRIII: picking up some horse for sale up north or just enjoying the benefits of armed robbery?