Any of you boys?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by smudge67, Jul 10, 2008.

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  1. 'Excitement in the village reached fever pitch when a second Chinook landed nearby to drop off a mechanic, before both helicopters set off back to base at RAF Wattisham.'

    RAF Wattisham? Hasnt been an RAF camp since 1993/94

    Nice to see the Daily Mail not checking its sources and getting things wrong.

    Any journos reading, get your shagging facts right!
  2. Golf One One, has all that sun got to you? seem a bit grumpy. how's the posting mate?
  3. Golf One One will be busy stripping some Central American chogee's M16A1 "'cause he can" whilst discussing the finer points of it's Beavertail handguard and 3 pronged flash eliminator. This will be his priority of work........


  4. ARMY Rumour Service; AVIATION


    Echo superfrogs sentiment.
  5. Dear oh dear....

    M16 had the three prong flash suppressor.
    M16A1 has the later type of flash supressor.

    Beavertail safety on a Colt 1911 maybe? Thats the closest you've been to any Beaver recently... 8)

    Schoolboy stuff BadBoyGunner schoolboy

  6. Fcuk me. Even my eyeballs have gone numb reading that, poindexter.

    I always wondered why you never had a bird. Now I know. :roll:

  7. Sometimes you fucking suprise even me. I wouldnt be suprised if you wank yourself off whilst accomodating a gas plug as an alternative to a butt plug
  8. :x You bunch of fucking dicks! :x

    8) Have had a brew now and i'm not quite so stroppy. 8)

    Flash, all I can say is Retreating Blade Stall, Cumulonimbus and map to fablon or fablon to map,

    all of those terms would have you frothing at the mouth massively out-poindextering me, for hours......

    Rubbish reporting by journos and bollocks posts by smudge67 still wind me up though.
  9. Flash, our resident gun nut has you summed up beautifully, even in the late eighties you favoured warplane and Flight international magazines to Europorn.

    I have yet to bubble you for having a NOTAM machine in your front room and a 1:500,000 map of the UK with all the LFAs marked and fablonned over your mantlepiece.

  10. I cant see a problem with that? Haven't all QHIs got them too?
  11. Yes, hence the lack of female company and large sores on your w@nking spanners.

    You big driving glove wearing, pooleys guide stealing, collective handle for a handbrake, fixed a gazelle rotor brake in your motor, manual reading vat of Yak semen.

    Yak as in big furry thing, not part of the Yakolev family, before you start spurting up the wall
  12. At least I'm not a civvy.
  13. No, you'd fail the entrance test. :D

    Best you stick to working in the sky, you are less likely to hurt someone up there.

    Anyway, we digress....... G11 cannot be let off the hook so easily. He nearly got toxic shock from his tampon explosion earlier and hasn't been hounded nearly enough.

    I'm right about the rotor brake in the motor though aren't I :roll: