Any of You Blokes Mech Role?

Hi fellas - I'm after a favour - I'm putting together some updated British Army Org presentations for my lads and I'm a bit stumped for Mech Role. All of the 8005 tables I've got all come up with Saxon still, nothing I've seen has got Bulldog/FV-430 series yet. The question is really to do with Support Coy and in particular Atk Pl and Mortar Pl. When you convert from Saxon are mortars going to go to FV-430 series like AI Bns or is it going to be like the old Saxon org with TUM and TUH etc and similar for Atk - will that convert to FV-430/Bulldog or will you get Spartan like Fmn Recce? Don't need any details to be honest so long as you can give me simple answers to the above - I can work the rest out from the 8005 tables. Cheers

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