any objections to escort gals?

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by campfollower, Jul 27, 2004.

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  1. is it illegal to run an escort agency from your MQ?
    pads wifeys up in arms here.....The bbc should see the real face of 1RHA....hee hee
    One way to get your hubby home!
  2. There is almost certainly something in the licence to occupy about running business from SFQs, not to mention being hammered by the Inland Revenue and local council (business rates).

    Wouldn't be the first time though - in the late 70s several wives were found to have been running a 'vice ring' - as the papers called it - at a remote RAF MQ site.

    Do the escorts wear their best Ron Hills when 'on the job'?
  3. Sounds like a mighty fine idea to me. You could advertise in the HIVE and the Soldier Magazine. Not to mention, various individual garrison papers etc. Wives stood swinging theire handbags outside the NAAFI!! Could be a winner.

    The CO/Commander usualy has to give permission to run a business from a MQ but I'm sure in this instance, some form of payment or pursuasion could be arranged. Nudge nudge :wink:
  4. Singlies have been escorting wives for years. :wink:
  5. A few years ago there was a certain Navy Clubswinger who was running a male-escort service, pimping out his own lads. :roll:
    He was discreetly ushered out of the service when it came to light. :D
  6. Why discreetly? :?
  7. Not the sort of image that the Senior Service is anxious to portray, old chap. :D
  8. 2 SIG SQN(V)-Kinky sex parties in TA Centre (advertised in contact magazines some years ago).Newspaper exposure,SIB investigation,Wrath of Chain of Command,Industrial Tribunals and a fun time was had by all :lol:
  9. Things have obviously changed recently then, I thought 'rum, sodomy and the lash' was part of the job description :)
  10. No, he was pimping his boys out to bored housewives, of which apparently there were many in the Southampton area... :D
  11. Before Wildenrath closed, along with the greatly missed "pop's and eddies" there were two occasions of german wives doing the same, so I heard that they were difficult to remove as they were already registered with the Stadt as "nightclub" hostesses! :wink:
  12. ..and Herford in 1987

    errrrrrrr so I heard *Theatrical Wink*
  13. ahh! t'was even better in the GSO club in late 70's :wink: or who needed the germans with the "meat wagon" from rhine 'D for the boogie nights in harrier/jubilee club :lol:
  14. looks like you would get a fair amount of trade from Wayne Rooney 8O
  15. Sounds like 1 regt Cheshires when Bosnia kicked off in the 90s.

    Never where a load of wives so desperate to get laid or so many boxes of OMO sold

    the 2ic was shagging the COs wife, the Families officer was shagging the RSMs wife and so on through the ranks.
    Over 30% of the pads ended up with divorces when they returned from Bosnia.
    ALLEGEDLY added by FF
    Never seen anything like it in my life as a squaddie or a pads wife before talk about mental