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Can't believe its been almost a week since JHC briefing and there aint been any news on here yet. Heard some rumours already, but none from any educated means. All AH to Whatasham? all Lynx to Dishcloth? 1 Reg to close? 661 + 655 to Yeovs? BLUH numbers cut?. . . Well?
Funny you should mention that, I was info'd something almost word for word, date yet TBC but possibly sometime 2006, what about the LOA and those blokes who can't leave Germany for fear of divorce??
Rumour of a Utility type Avn Regt.... but hey we all know about rumour control :roll:
Hmmmmmm 2006 eh a couple of years sooner than the duty rumour from 1 Regt. Ah well welcome back to the UK and for some people who have spent their whole careers in Germany WELCOME to car tax and high petrol costs etc etc.............And i think £5 ish for a packet of cigs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The latest I heard is that due to the shortage of hours on the ageing Lynx people hoping to stay on them will only be getting 15 hours a month, and it might be as little as 7. So prepare for some bun fights in Lynx flight..............and they will be big buns for obviuos reasons.
well, i think all ac to wattisham, all useful officers and seniors to anywhere where they will have no effect (like jhc, or bgde) and everyone else into political correctness hell. just a thought. all uk are being turned into a form of soviet union by this ``administration``. MARK MY WORDS
Don't forget that 9 are heading south to Wattishame, and 4 going to MW or Yeolvilton.

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