Any News on the 4 South Africans kidnapped in Iraq yesterday

I haven't seen this anywhere in ARRSE, does anyone know anything further, they apparently work for Safe Net security service and were stopped by a bogus roadstop in Northern Baghdad?!

Johannesburg, South Africa - 12.12.2006

There is no change in the status of the four South Africans who were kidnapped in northern Baghdad, Iraq, on Sunday, the Department of Foreign Affairs said on Tuesday morning.

At this stage it is not yet known who kidnapped them as no demands have been made and no reasons have been given for the kidnapping, said spokesperson Ronnie Mamoepa.

He said the department is in contact with the security company that employs the kidnapped South Africans as well as their family members.

The names of the four cannot be released yet as the government does not have express permission from the families to do so.

The four South Africans were kidnapped on Sunday travelling in a convoy of four vehicles when they were flagged down at an apparent bogus roadblock north of Baghdad.

They are employees of Safe Net security service, which is a sub-contractor for the United States Department of Defence, Mamoepa said. -- Sapa

Found this on it, nothing on normal news channels...

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