Any new ULOTC cadets?

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by mbwest, Oct 19, 2005.

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  1. Anyone on here just joined the ULOTC after the selection weekend at Bodney camp?
    What do you think of it all?
  2. ah back in the day... I remember my selection weekend, of course it was colder, harder, wetter and more drunken than yours.
  3. We also never got sports kit to wear...... :roll:
  4. Are you sure you're not mixing in memories of how you lost your virginity?
  5. no that was warm and wet and sadly i was sober(ish)
  6. Can we not?
    Thanks awfully.
  7. orificecadet. I wish i was tough like you! So what happened on your selection weekend? Do many other UOTCs have actual pass or fail selection weekends as I always assumed it was simply turn up and get in!?
  8. CUOTC - essentially, turn up, pass medical and interview process, get attested. Have the budget to cope with many recruits so take as many as we can get our hands on.

    This year we're running with an MTQ1 intake of 100(ish)
  9. We do actual fail people we take 250 to the weekend after medicals etc the fail 60
    Luckily for Macks if the entrance requirements were so high when I did it, I probably wound't have got in
    C'est la vie
  10. Considering that half the cadets in OTCs probably couldn't sit on a toilet the correct way round without a PSI barking instructions at them, this isn't far from the case.
  11. Well the ULOTC weekend hadd 300 with about 190 passing, so there was a lot of faliures really. You could tell some people just were not prepared.
  12. I think "suitable" would be a better word than "prepared."
  13. If you have any doubts about the rigors of OTC selection, take a look at the pictures of Orifice that a friendly soul smuggled over the border to me, on microfilm, hidden up his anus:




    PS: Work on that spelling if you want to do well at the factory, Orifice!
  14. Those last 3 photos are so wrong, how can people want to walt and put pictures of their Para/ US Army/ USMC adventures on the net? I now know who those warnings are for on hair driers, "do not use in the shower" etc
  15. Breaking news from the tri service crack team above, there were more than 3 of them but the one on the left ate them ..