Any Naval connections?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by OLDBIGHEAD, Feb 9, 2010.

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  1. Firstly, I know i could try Rum Ration but i dont want to register. Im trying to arrange a training day at the capsizing ship/chock the holes while its listing thing, which is in Pompey. So, has anyone got any contacts/connections i could try?
  2. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    There are two of these Damage Repair Instructional Units (DRIUs) which you refer to. One is at Raleigh (Torpoint) it's called 'Havoc' the other is at HMS Excellent (Portsmouth) it's called 'Hazard'.

    They are both the same and I believe they are run by Flagship these days, although I'm probably wrong.

    I know they are fairly cagey about letting people just rock up for a laugh, ever since some kids drowned in one of them a few years back, but it is worth a try as they are awesome and really really good fun. If you do manage to get a visit, try and have a look around the fire school as well.

    Edited to add: The person you probably need to contact is the NBCD course booking officer at HMS Excellent. I'm sure your friendly MOD Operator will be able to put you through.
  3. 'Kinell Ravers! When i saw that you'd replied, i was expecting some abuse or something similar! Thanks for your wisdom mate, much appreciated. I have been to "Hazard" as part of a JNCO trg day when i was at Pirbright a few years ago, so want to organise something for my Sqn.
  4. VT Flagship offer DRIU training here. Why anybody would want to do it is beyond me though. perhaps I've done it too often.
  5. Cheers Clanky, much appreciated.
  6. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I only take pleasure in abusing those who are fully deserving of it. :D

    Best of luck getting a trip sorted out. Definitely check out the Fire School as well. The new ones are big mock ups of ships with gas burners everywhere for safety. They can simulate fires in engine spaces, mess decks and galleys. They are not quite as fun as the old oil and forklift pallet based ones, but are much cleaner and safer.

    Other good stuff to do while you are in Pompey:

    Historic Dockyard, HMS Victory etc.
    Tour of a warship. (use the phone number I PM'd you)
    Southwick Brewhouse.
  7. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    On a tour of the rig in Portsmouth (which uses water al fresco from theharbour) I was told that the Germans had ordered one but they warmed the water for it!

    Edited to add for Ravers' list, Fort Nelson (R.Armouries, lots of guns), D-Day Museum, Royal Marines Museum, etc etc.
  8. Contact made and i'm on the list! As you can imagine, quite a few people are interested in going, so it might be a while before we get a slot, but it will be worth it! Cheers for the PM and other info Ravers, top man! Thanks to Clanky and Seeweed also. :cheers:
  9. If you get a trip down there make sure its in the summer so the water is warm, but like previous posters have said it is an awesome experience - one that all us Navy people dread going to but once you get going its a bloody great experience and you really start enjoying it.

    Fire fighting is also a good expereince.

    if you ever want to visit a Harrier squadron let me know by pm and i can show you round.
  10. Damn right. First time I did it was in the depths of winter. You are wearing dry suits in such conditions but rubber seal vs 120psi of water? Results in one dry suit full of freezing water in about 2 seconds flat.

    It is a hoofin experience though, well worth doing. Pity you can't go across the upper deck anymore though. As for the fire fighting trainers, I haven't been in the new ones yet. The old oil fired ones were great.
  11. As mentioned already, great fun can be had by all. Try and get the short arses amongst you to do the lower deck spaces.
    Been on the 5 week Qs course and it was one of the more interesting I have been on. For those who don't believe the new gas fired training rigs are as good as the oil burners maybe you need to try them again or tell the instructors and they will turn up the heat for you.

  12. Fire fighting is also a good expereince.

    Like fook. I did the course at Pheonix in the 70s when the first firemans strike, and the Navy found great pleasurein freezing, soaking, burning choaking a bunch of squaddies it was a shite course, wet , filthy, cold, then scared shiteless in a very small dark confined place with some loony matelot trying to show you what its like to be cremated alive, they made lots of jokes about tanks being mobile crems and so cramped you dont need to learn fire fighting
  13. Guns

    Guns LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. The Royal Navy

    Ex Damage of a big ship and it is a great day out. Fire school worth a visit as well. They can give you anything from a simple smoke walk to a full 4 hose re-entry from below to a oil fire. Which is fun. The historic dockyard is good for a visit and if you pre-arrange the tour of HMS VICTORY can be tailored.
  14. Guns

    Guns LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. The Royal Navy

    Edited for for my stupidity
  15. The submarine escape trainer is good too. Hundred foot tank filled with water and manned by the only para trained submariners in Christendom. Used to train braver blokes than me to escape from a stricken sub.

    Don't know if they'll let you get in at the bottom in an escape suit but they're quite amenable to civvy scuba and free divers getting in at the top. If you get the bends on the way up, you're only yards away from a decompression chamber at the dive school.

    For the ultimate experience, sign up for the diving medic course at the Institute of Naval Medicine. Seven, fun packed days of drowning in the escape tower, freezing in the dive school and filling your dry suit as you are introduced to zero visibility bomb disposal. All you need is several hundred quid and a degree in medicine.