Discussion in 'Juniors' started by EXRE, May 13, 2012.

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  1. Ok, my first post and not really sure if this is the correct place for it.

    Anyway Im looking at applying for MPGS and wondered if anyone who is currently doing this job could advise what its really like, the recruitment process, how long it takes etc, etc. Ive read many forums but nothing seems to be all that recent. Unless im looking in the wrong place.

    Im sure this post will open me up to all sorts of abuse about being a 'barrier technician' etc, however its my choice and im eligible so any advice from serving members would be great :money:
  2. Actually not sure why I have posted it in the junior section
  3. I can see me probably doing this as well when I'm out so here's what I know (here's what one of them told me anyway). If you leave the army you have to be out for 3 months before you can apply which you do through an AFCO. If you're still serving I think you can apply for a transfer in the normal way. I think you leave the army for a day before joining the MPGS. Training is 5 days at Worthy Down learning to stag on, passing the APWT and PFT. That is as much as I know.This would probably have been more use to you a few months ago, hope it's helped.
  4. Is it Worthy Down? Not Southwick Pk?
  5. Training is at Southwick Park. The range package has been removed as this is now done with the Platoon you go to. There is no PFA either. The recruitment process could be drawn out as there is a lot of 'rebalancing' of manpower taking place but from what I have seen, transfers in seem reasonably quick. PM me if you want more.