Any Mortgage Gurus Out There?

As long as it is not your sole income. If you declare it as a second income some lenders will only count 50% of it in any calculations they make.
I work for one of the big 4 & we allow 100% of a Military Pension to be counted as income + your new civvie wage. If you need advice send me a PM.
Thanks 58_Pattern. This isn't relevant to me, but, having read the posts, I was totally baffled and surprised at the idea of only 50% of the Army Pension being used to calculate a mortgage. :?
Karabiner said:
Simple question, will a mortgage lender count my Army pension as income when calculating what I can borrow?
I took out my mortgage with the Halifax in Apr 2007 and, yes, my pension was counted as income.

My Pension was included at 100% - you have to have a "Prime" wage coming in - then just include
If it is regular non commuted income then it will coun 100%. Not many pensions will cover a mortgage mind.

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