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Apparently not, from the discussion last night again, I dont think the mods can moderate forums they arent designated to, so woopert or forastero we await, or higher rank mods.
If you report the post by PM to a mod they usually take action pretty rapidly - failing that, report it Good CO/Bad CO
Thanks. Gone when I got there, but I've deleted the idiot's account.
Trotsky said:
Right, this isn't fair, the rest of us are now left wondering what we missed!
Trotsky. FFS man keep up.What you on earlies or what?

If I recall,it's to do with someone who's (allegedly)sh4gged someone and was (allegedly)sh4gging some one already and so the story goes on. :wink:

Oh and they breached persec . :evil:

Edited to add some bits.
Some soldier had a pair of shoes, he'd already promised to buy another pair but some of the shoes he'd tried on didn't like being rejected and placed a complaint on here.

They should have found a female soldier as women tend to like loads of shoes.
Trotsky said:
Right, this isn't fair, the rest of us are now left wondering what we missed!
Nowt. :wink: Happens every day in the Army. Naivete exposed, hurt feelings, many tears, revenge sought. (Unsuccessfully) :lol: I was sort of annoyed that my tasty Zap Brannigan picture was deleted though. :wink:
polar said:
Damn, I wanted her number

Wait your bloody turn. I called first dibs on that!

...On second thoughts, there was a touch too much of the bunny boiler about that post. Feel free to fully engage with her new ID if you can spot it!


All I know is, he was wellying in the front/back doors of at least four different ladies, was married to one and engaged to another, my honest opinion? Top bloke, give him one of Roger Day's medals and a cup of hot chocolate.
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