Any model makers out there?

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by brettarider, Sep 26, 2008.

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  1. Anyone build a few kits out there? Sold 1/2 the collection and books off last year due to storage and divorce now the winters approaching getting itchy and sticky! fingers again! who builds what? 'm normally a 1/35 scaler myself
  2. Some of us like girls.
  3. I do to but up here they are as big as rugby players and struggle a bit any who's your in the RFA so are you sure you like bints?
  4. No, you're right, I just said that to look hunky. But Thai rent boys are still cooler than airfix kits, you big geek :wink:
  5. Ooh come on I've got a bit more style than airfix! Tamiya, Dragon,Trumpeter these days do try to keep up! so how was the lady boys ?
  6. 1/72 matchbox - awsome.
  7. I used to build Tamiya kits when I was a kid.....then I discovered alcohol and ladies.
  8. Going to try my hand at a proper all wood ship model kit (British 1800s Navy Cutter).
  9. There's a job going on the Cutty Sark down my way. Go for the real deal. I've still got some petrol and matches left however should you fancy going for another option :D
  10. Perhaps the Gypsy Moth is a better option? It's smaller, therefore's also right next door to the Cutty Sark, so hints and tips will be readily available from the pros at hand.
  11. Tamiya...Brilliant ! Spent all my pocket money on getting the complete German set: Panzer II, Panzer III, Panzer IV, Tiger (don't think they did the Panther then), Sdkfz 251 etc.

    Mind you, I did stop when I was sixteen.
  12. Bretta,
    Tamiya, DML, AFV Club, Bronco & Tasca are my bag too & I do regular evilBay business. Drop me a pm, might be able to do a few trades etc.
    No slagging the music though!
  13. Me me me

    I got a Chally, M1A! and Centurion at various stages of build right now.

    Only prob is that the nearest decent model shop is MILES away
  14. Tried HobbyLink Japan ( yet? Usually come up with the goodies there, even tools & paint etc. Prices usually cheaper than over here, even with postage - sometimes get Customs charges, but only usually if parcel is over £30 in value. Also pre-order new items long before they appear in UK. Check 'em out.