Any mobile phone companies do good deals for army?



Does anyone know of any mobile phone companies that do good deals for army? I found one in soldier magazine last year - free phone, free connection x amount of minutes free, no credit checks, free accessories. Got a 3310, but I now want an ericsson T68i but have been informed it will cost me £250 to upgrade.

Firstly do you wish to keep your old number and stay on the same network?  If so then prepare to pay £250.  There is a workaround solution if you are currently on orange.  Back to the phone I'll get back to you later in this post about the workaround.

In order to get the phone you wish, you need to be fully aware of the type of contract that you want.  If you look at the Orange tariffs for example, say you go for Everyday 50 (50 free minutes off peak per day £17/month), the phone itself will probably cost you more than if you went for one of their slightly more expensive tariffs.

You might want to look at QXL.COM rather than enter an auction, just look at the actual auctions for the phone you want, usually they will have the sellers email address or phone number on the auction page.  Either send them an email or phone them and ask about the best deal they can do on the particular tariff or network you want.  If you're not bothered about the network, you can usually get a good deal (free phone and accessories, sometimes free dvd / cd players thrown in as well!!)

If you decide thats too much hassle, goto a local mobile shop...but go towards the end of the month.  If they still have a quota to fulfill you will get a better deal.

Right the workaround for keeping your old number.  If you are on Orange and want to stay on orange, get your new phone, and phone orange (using 150), ask to change the tariff on your old number to Orange Value Promise Virgin.  This will put your old number onto effectively the Virgin mobile tariff (but with orange), this means that you do not pay any line rental for the number and only pay for calls made.  Then dial your old number answerphone and change your answer phone message to tell callers to dial your new number.  This way you don't have to tell everyone your new number they will learn it when they dial your old number.

If of course you're moving from one provider to another you should be able to take your number with you.

Hope this helps.  Basically the answer is if you shop around you will get a good deal.

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Not sure about deals for the army, I have purchased items before asking for a squaddie discount and found it more expensive than managers specials or other offers on at the time. If you want a new handset, consider a pay as you go on your current network, and swap your sim card.

If you want to change networks speak to your future provider saying you intend to bring your number with you and they will tend to fall over backward to assist. Speaking to your current provider and request a PAC code, they will give you a number to give to your future provider, and your own number will be switched. Voicemail settings will be dependant on network, but may be stored on your sim card.

A little horse trading with suppliers may give you a favourable deal as far as airtime goes, and If you are prepared to kick off slightly with your current supplier they may make consessions on an upgrade.

I have had my number since 2000, from a Vodaphone contract, to Vodaphone PAYG then switching to Virgin in 2003, (Cheap colour phone and cheaper calls). I got a refund on credit and a goodwill gesture because I stated their customer service was the main reason for switching networks.

The companies all offer great deals on new contracts because they gamble that once you have a phone and number you won't want to or can't be arrsed to shop around at the end of your contract.

Good luck!
Royal Signals at the cutting edge again... :oops:

Thought that someone looking at the thread might be wondering the same, thats all.
On the subject, does anyone know of a network that gives good rates for calls to and from asia.

I seem to be off there for 6 months & am looking for a new network as vodafone is stupidly expensive.

I know one of them gives better rates, but couldn't be arrsed to go look, thought one of you guys might be able to help.

Cheers x x
Orange - let me suspend my contract for 6 months. Only drama was answer phone message was changed. They are OK and are insistant on giving me upgrades - mad!

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