Any MO-OCs of Med Sqns out there?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by its_been_emotional, Sep 6, 2007.

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  1. Hi

    I'm an MO and have the opportunity to apply for the post of an OC Med Sqn...

    I was wondering if there are any MO's currently serving as OCs who wouldn't mind telling me how it is? I'm aware that it's a big leap from just "MO'ing" and I'd be interested to hear views on the pros and cons of moving from GDMO to OC.

    I do have experience of Op sub-unit command and have been acting 2ic whilst in barracks.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. best you contact OC C Sqn 1 CSMR in germany
  3. Saucer of milk - BP20?? just left 1 CS didn't U???
  4. Part of me thinks MOs should MO and MSOs should MSO.

    But is it necessarily a recipe for disaster?

    I'd be grateful for people's experiences of OCs who are also MOs - warts and all.
  5. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I had some good MO OC's and some that needed more guidance than most.
  6. there was nothing 'catty' about my comment - was simply pointing out, from experience, that one Sqn OC form an entire Regt was an MO OC.

    Other than in your head, wheres the problem?
  7. Like ventress the experience i had was varied. The problem that some seem to have is seperating the 2 roles you can either be a good oc and put doctoring on hold for a whille, or strive to bee an excellent doc which usually means poor oc. the best i advice i can give you is listen digest then react and those closet to you might not give the best directions.
  8. Thanks all and Cherryhamblin.
  9. Bed Pan 20.... DOnt get your comment one MO OC from across an entire Med Regt...... lets see, HQ Sqn OC = LE MSO, that leave A,B,C Sqns.... so 1 out of 3 MO OCs isnt bad.

    Look back a couple of years you had 2 MO OCs and a DO OC.... no MSOs.

    Point Im trying to make is that its just who is available at the time and there doesnt seem to be a master plan for ratios.
  10. Oh FFS - all i was trying to do was point the lad/lass in the direction of someone with the relevant experience.

    Yes I was/am aware of all the MSOs within the Regt, Thanks
  11. hehe

    To answer the original question. "Its been emotional" I would suggest this if you have concerns over taking sub unit command.

    1. Know what your CO wants and then look at what your troops need.

    2. Listen to your SNCO's, they will give you the information you really need.

    3. Give a shit about your soldiers at all ranks and put them first, they in turn will put you first.

    That is about all I can offer at the moment, not much but its the truth.
  12. Never having been a Rodney and to be honest I never aspired to be one, I have had the pleasure.... if that the right word!! of serving under a few good ones, and to be honest if you follow Mountain Boys advice above you will not go far wrong, and should you f*ck up along the way following this advice the boys will respect you enough to cover your arrse.

    That advice is not only valid for Rodneys but also for any NCO from Lance Jack upwards, knowing what you superiors want, listening to the experience around you, looking after the bods you command with respect, and having a spine, in my book make for a good manager at any level.