Any Middle Management out there?

Anyone interested in the following?

EST is a training organisation. Nothing military or hot and sandy - just 'normal civvy activity' - apprenticeships, stuff like that, and all UK based at present.

We are expanding, and have a requirement for some middle management. Our ops director is ex military, and wants to take advantage of the skills that we have all been trained in.

We want 2-3 people in the first instance. No specific experience is required: more important is character and flexibility. No preference with respect to Regiment or Corps. Start dates could be 'tomorrow', but realistically we want someone by January.

The role would involve running a new and growing team of field staff, managing their activities on a day-to-day basis, collating stats on their performance/activities, and reporting on this.

Although there are no preconceptions, the role would probably suit someone from WO2 to junior Major level: any less experience of self-starting might struggle, and any higher rank would be stepping down financially and in terms of responsibility level. It's not a passport to instant free riches, as we are spending on growth, not company cars and freebies. However, if you want to be in at the start of what intends to be a significant business, and are willing to commit, we will be rewarding appropriately.

Locations: nationwide, but realistic home bases are London/M4 corridor, Midlands (Brum, Coventry), and North (Leeds).

This is a genuine, serious chance to transition into a civvy role with a management team that 'gets' squaddie humour and attitudes, with a company that is growing despite the current economic climate, and intends to keep doing so. We won't be taking any eejits on, and you won't be first in through any embassy windows or swanning around looking cool in a bespoke chest rig...

However, if you are looking to exit and transition into civvy life without being treated like an alien muppet, need to feed the family and pay the mortgage, and make use of your ability to plan, man-manage and communicate, we might be what you're looking for. Our ethos is to do the job well, and have as much fun as possible while doing it, and to reward those who buy into making it happen...

Send an email to the address below (don't reply in the thread - it won't be monitored regularly) with your contact details and a –short! – career summary/bio if you want to discuss this. title it 'ARRSE Job', and you will be contacted asap to see if we (mutually) want to take it further:

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