Any Medical Officers - help please re joining TA

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Queen of Spades, Apr 22, 2012.

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  1. Hello

    I'm hoping to join the TA and am at the stage where my GP has to complete a questionnaire. Having read some of the experiences on here about people being deferred or rejected on medical grounds, I am slightly worried. I don't and have never suffered from asthma/diabetes/depression but have some blots on my medical history. Are there any medical officers I could discuss off board with please?


  2. I have done quite a few first aid courses if that's any use to you.
  3. Like what?
    The usual no, no's are being treated for being a pedo, ex-murderer & drug user. Apart from that unless you used to be a woman you will be ok?
  4. Well, I am female (as my user name would suggest), and I am not a criminal nor drug user. Are you an MO, ft? I have read so many varying things on here that I would prefer to chat with an MO off the record.
  5. Well it's an anonymous Internet website, post it, take pot luck or ask a PSI who you can speak to.
  6. Trust me I am a doctor, just never bothered with the training.:skull:
  7. So when I joined up the MO was a little lax to say the least. The only issue was regarding my eyesight (-1.0/-0.5). I forgot my glasses. When I couldn't read the eyetest screen he politely left the room to allow me to revise/chinaman my eyes to see it. Voila I was in.

    Anyway, good luck!
  8. Well their are a few Queens on here who are Male!
    Am i an MO? Of course i am, got my medical degree for $20 on the tinternet!
    The missing bits are not you catching an STD is it??
    A picture of you could help us, semi naked the better!
    This is ARRSE what else do you expect!
  9. Ha. No STD's, luckily.

    TBF I was expecting some ragging because I'm female. Would be good if somebody could actually answer my question!
  10. You didn't really ask a question.
  11. Ok. Are there are any MO's on the site with whom i can discuss off record medical issues which are causing me concern re the gp questionnaire and medical? Thanks.
  12. Is it a history of various anti-social disorders that required treatment via topical cream and a course of strong antibiotics, from an anoymous building on the edge of town? If so you're in as these are a pre-requesite for joining the TA as most of them have been exposed to Syphlis at some stage or other.

    And before you say you caught it off a toilet seat, it would depend who you were sat on there with a the time. Now if you'll excuse me Dr Netley must dash to Sandhurst to sew foreskins back on the cadest so they pass out complete cocks.
  13. I can't think of a medical officer on here. Nurses, practice managers, dentists, radiologists but can't think of a Doctor.
  14. Clearly not, but WE are here to help.
  15. Gosh, Netley - thanks for the entertainment, you had me laughing!
    Seriously - if anyone medically qualified and an MO can help, please do. Otherwise, I'm just going to ask the Recruiting Officer, but i thought i might ask on here for an informal view.