Any light gunners here in 7para or 29 cdo?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by The_0ne, Mar 14, 2007.

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  1. As above any current light gunners in either of the above batterys, if so i have a few questions i wondered if you could help a potential new recruit with?

    1) Did you volunteer for either of the above while doing your phase 2 training or did you volunteer later on in your career after serving in the RA battery?

    2) If you volunteer whats the process after that? Do you go and attempt p coy or commando course staight after or do you start doing a lot more pti exra to prepare you for either course?

    3) Where have you had chance to serve with your para or commando regiment?

    Any other general advice or things to bear in mind before joining either regiment?

    Many thanks to anyone who can help :thumleft:
  2. First off I am not of eitther of the 2 Regiments but I can give you some advice

    1. They are Regiments NOT Batteries, not having a go mate just letting you know so you don't make a mistake

    2. You can choose either to go direct to either 7 or 29 from the ACIO, which means you will be piinned for either Regt through Phase One and Two, whatever you do DO NOT big time it about going there it will not go down well. just say you want to go and have a crack at them, not boast to everyone that you are in 29 or go and by a para T Shirt

    3. Many go later on after spending time in a different Regt by volunteering

    3. Prepare to fail, obviously go with the right mental attitude but remember not everyone (quite rightly) makes it, have a back up Regt in mind, 40 is the other Light Regt.

    4. Once you have completed Phase 2 you will go to your respective Regts and start PrePara or Pre Commando courses to build you up to take the relavent tests

    5. They go everywhere, that information is best served by someone in the Regts

    Hope that helps
  3. go 29 after phase two, if you are keen and enthusiastic about being fit, saying that you should be keen and enthusiastic where ever you go.
    good luck.
  4. i left last year after 17 years with 29

    Q1 I served 5 years with 16 Regt before attempting the Commando course and i think this is the bst option idf you 17/18 years old as it givs both you and your body time to mature!

    Q2 You will have to complete a bat up course prior to either P Compnay or the AACC as your regt needs to know you are at the correct standard both in physical and soldiering standards.

    Q3 i served in Turkey, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, USA, Canada, Norway, Falklands, Belize, Afghanistan, Bosnia Iraq, Spain, Italy, N ireland, Brunei, Thailand, Hong Kong and a load of other places.

    hope this helps any queries then feel free to PM me mate
  5. Cheers for that

    meik i will pm you tomorrow once ive got some sleep :D

    Im not that young im 23.
  6. Do you remember 289 (Cdo) Bty RA (V) from East Ham E6 because nobody else including the RA official site does?
    At that time they contributed a battery to 29 Cdo Bde RM at Plymouth - or perhaps that was only if they were called up under Section One or Order in Council.

    Vicarage Lane TA Centre. I was very impressed with the professionalism and most of the equipment like the inertial nav system and so on. The BC and some of the PSIs had done NGS in the Falklands. The one thing I didn't like was the removing of the wheel on the 105mm Abbott (?) Light gun in order to lay and aim the gun. With battlefield radar what with one or two shots you're done and then on the move again ... but sorry where's the effing wheel brace and wheel nuts??

    I think that's why I went to the Cdo Sappers in Kingsbury instead, or was it 10 Para in Finchley?

    As for the potential recruit - admire the spirit, the esprit. However take a leaf from the regular SAS selection criteria (unless you could get posted to 264 Sigs) no one repeat no one is eligible for consideration by the SAS straight out of recruit camp. The SAS used to say over 21 years but also with at least 3 years (no difference for Para Regt) because you need that experience in the army, RM, RN or RAF in order to be able to work effectively in typically a very small team. It is not just a question of press ups, or whether you're jack the lad on a Friday night out. You have to learn the skills. I used to admire the wearers of the "green hat" as opposed to those of the "cherry beret" because even down at Mne. level they seemed to be the essence of "the thinking man's army" which was funny as we were army and they were Marines. And Regular Para seemed to be just "you're a just bunch of Toms" somewhat like Wellington at Waterloo - "Up Guards and at'em."
  7. 289 Battery disbanded about 5 years ago i think Chinstrap and all the guys went to and i think I might be wrong 266 Bty down at Thorny Island

    That is maybe worng with the battery number but it was an air defence battery down at Thorny .

    Have you had a look at the 29 website for info on 289?

    Best story about them I can remember was them stealing a silver tea pot from the WO's and Sgts mess while we were on exercise at Knook Camp! Not so much cos of the theft of the tea pot but of the reaction of the then (black) RSM

    Highly amusing lol
  8. 289 was reduced to a Troop in 201 Battery as part of the Strategic Defence Review in 1999. I think it is still located in Romford, but I might be wrong.
  9. Meik, Chinstrap

    I'm with 289 - it's a troop now, based in Romford and is part of 201 Battery having been tasked with supporting 7 Para RHA.

    266 Battery down in Bristol is tasked with supporting 29.

    Meik, do you know Baz B***er ? He was my former PSI at 289 before the re-org and is now the PSI at 266. BTW, excellent signature ! :thumleft:
  10. FSMong

    I know baz i think he is back in Plymouth but I have been out a year now!
  11. Sorry if this seems a bit dim but a commando troop supporting 7 RHA and a Para battery supporting 29 Cdo? or have I missed something?
  12. Nigel you are right it is weird, it used to be the other way around i think.

  13. i think he he said" some dam theff has stollen my silver t-pots, maybe it was the tea they was after, but i want my silver teapots back.
  14. *cough* 29 *cough* :thumright:
  15. So is 289 troop still in commando role? or para? why was the battery reduced to a troop?