Any legal types in?

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by PANZER_SOLDAT, May 25, 2008.

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  1. despite the option of killing her (which I do not want you to follow) your pretty cornered.

    because your not married I believe she isnt entitled to everything. she is only allowed to take what she can prove she had before the relationship or what she bought (and can prove with receipts) same applies to you otherwise its fair game. Alternatively if your in the house I suggest that anything that neither of you can prove be stored somewhere for a while (a friends house or something).

    It can all depend on the circumstances behind the split, what were they if you dont mind me asking.
  2. Refence my bold, if you are "life time partners" or whatever the fcuk its called these days, she may be entitled to whats yours.

    Unfortuantly mate, you need to get in touch with a solicitor to start the ball rolling over custdody of children, just a side note, she is not allowed to take them out of the UK without your approval (not that it will stop her)

    Good luck pal,
  3. my apologies, I neglected the child factor. In which case muffin is right you need a solicitor but regards the property and posessions if your just boyfriend and girlfriend then I think I could be correct (but depends on how long you have been involved) although I have heard of some woman taking a bloke to the cleaners even though they were not married.

    details are needed!
    But so is a solicitor
  4. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I read somewhere that you have to be living together as man & wife for 6 years before she is legaly classed as entitled to the same right's as a married wife.
  5. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    If you're looking at moving to Calgery,drop me a PM.A good friend of mine & his wife emigrated there a few year ago & I'll put you in touch if you like.
  6. Ive been married, had my son Morgan (Now Aged 7) with her and divorced 5 years ago.

    The best advice I can give (As there is no set forumla for dealing with bitchy wives, is to seek out the CAB. The citizens advice bureau will give you loads of information before you need to commit to any legal fees with a Solicitor. I saw the CIB and they offered loads of advice.

    My missus is a Legal Secretary for a Divorce Solicitor and has been there for nearly 8 years. If there is anything I can ask her for you, feel free to PM me and i'll get you anything you need.

    Its a shit thing to happen, it takes time and can cost you a LOT. But hopefully you'll find the help you need.

    Best of luck.
  7. PS

    A good mate of mine went through the same sort of thing last year. Is the house in you name? Has she paid anything towards the house ie can she prove she's paid mortgage, household bills etc
    My oppo thought he was going to get screwed over by his ex, but when in came to the crunch the judge awarded her less than £10k plus payments for his kid, but not her or the other two. (2 of her three kids weren't his) she moved into his house, he had owned for 10 years. She could prove no form of payments towards the house etc. Get a good brief she hasn't got a wedding ring, so you could be surprised in the outcome. Oh and don't negotiate feeling guilty, it's your life and your future as well as hers!
  8. Sociology....Satan's degree. Bunch of hippy left wing bitches and a few gays all bleating about wimmins rights. Next thing you know, they're starting to believe their own hype.

    Fight back brother! Play f*cking dirty because she will, and fight her for every button in the house. Do not give up. Don't succumb to any offer made by her or her lawyer. Fight dirty.

    You'll feel so much better for it! (especially if you get to keep the house!)
  9. A major factor will be if she has she contributed to the mortgage payments. If not you are on stronger ground.

    As stated above first step for you should be CAB.

    Get stuck into the system use it to your full advantage.

    You will be surprised at your "rights".

    Its not all doom and gloom mate, just play hard.

    Good luck.
  10. I fail to see why she can pick and choose the terms of the divorce. If she is entitled to half of the possessions and property (assuming she is, of course), surely then she should be made to carry half the burden for unpaid loans, mortgages, credit cards, catalogues, etc? Especially as it's generally the woman in the relationship that f*cking spends it all!

    If you get no joy from this, I know a bloke who knows a bloke. Meet me behind the bike sheds, say no more.
  11. Friend of mine was in the same situation, divorced and had to repay all debts on her own even though it was her ex who had run them up. :(