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Any LE Officers out there...


War Hero
You applying for LE Commision? I assume the criteria will differ depending on who you want to commision with. And if you are asking for a copy of a letter of introduction i suggest you brush up on your defence writing at the very least. :thumright:
'Considering' applying for RLC LE Commision. Ref the Letter of intro, thats more a curiosity thing, my service writing is really rather good... Honest :blush:
If you are considering applying for an RLC commision, I think your SD is pretty spectacular ;-)
Get in touch with your local Army Education Centre. They should be able to give you relevant advice and an up to date DIN with all criteria that you need to satisfy to apply for a commission. I'm in the process of producing an LE pack at the moment: most LE commissioning courses follow a pretty similar(ish) format based on RCB so the pack should be generic.

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