Any lawyers in?

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by TheSporting1st, Apr 6, 2010.

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  1. If two people who used to be in a relationship split up and then have to face each other in a court trial following a malicsous allegation, how would the court view it if one party (probably the female!!) then went on to sell her version of the 'story' to a weekly Womans Own magazine , a story that went into considerable detail about the ALEDGED offence and her perception of it. And all this a few weeks before the proceedings. would it be grounds to have the trial halted, or at least to be able to attack her perception of events as benig money motivated.

    The matter itself is so trivial its almost laughable however to have her testimony splattered across two pages of a womans weekly was a bit galling to say the least.

    I'm asking this on behalf of a friend :D
  2. what issue will it appear in so we can all go out and get the details?
  3. Go on give us a link.
    We al lwant to know how much a cnut your "friend" is...... :D
  4. Not out yet however will hit the streets next week - seen an advance copy and to be honest, her inane witterings about my failings as a boyfriend are just childish dribble - its the bloody court details that casued me to choke on my cornflakes. And yes my mate did shag her daughter. (19 and it would have been rude not to!)

    And threw one up the hoop as well. anywaay, back to thread, has she scuppered her court rantings and can I, sorry my mate, use the article in defence?

    He's a cnut my mate
  5. Just because it's in print doesn't make it true. The Judge or magistrates know that, they see plenty of things in print which they can see as being total bollocks.

    Does it affect the outcome?...... Nope the evidence does that.

    Can you use the article?....... Don't see why not, the questions would have to be quite specific, such as:

    "Do you stand by this article?"

    "Is it wholly true?"

    "But surely it was Col. Mustard in the library with the lead pipe?", "So you agree that this article, which you say is wholly true, claims that Professor Plum murdered The Reverend Green with a Candlestick in the Conservatory, but you now say it was Col. Mustard in the library with the lead pipe, Are you telling the truth now, or were you then?"
  6. Just out of interest, what did .. ahem .. cough .. your "mate" do to make this bint so upset ? Apart from your mates mate shafting her daughter up the wrong 'un ??

    Go on.. pass on the details.. I cant get womens mags out here in the sandpit ! Err.. not that Id buy them anyway ! not unless there were some fanny shots or mammaries on show that is.. :)
  7. the point I'm trying to make is that surely the complianant in a criminal case CANNOT seel her story to the press before the trial / proceedings are dealt with, I'm no expert in law but fairly sure thats established - at the very least it can bias any jury surely since the only reading matrter they'll have in theri down time is these trashy gutter magazines!! Oh ****, yeah I remember him now....what a channnnntttttt!!'

    since the charge is so trivial, and I really mean that, we're taking it to the CPS to see whether or not they want to proceed -put it this way, IF I was found guilty it would probably be £100 compo and don't do it again! As it is, the magazine in question is witholding payment from her as she never, EVER at any point mentioned court proceedings, in other words - she lied!!

    so, back to question, the case involves a dent in the side of her car, purely accidental which she claims was done deliberately- would have thought plod have got better things to do but hey ho!!
  8. you sure your not the bloke who chinned his SNCO??
  9. What, and he sold his story to Womens weekly....?
  10. he might be a trannie?

    slow day today :D
  11. Bloody is -no answers here then LOL - think I'll take my chances with good old British justice. NOT!!
  12. Have you/your lawyer looked into filing for an interlocutory injunction on the basis that the material, once published, woudl be prejudicial to the conduct of the case?
  13. too late informed - a million copies are ready to hit the streets and havent got that sort of money - the £100 we're arguing over is actually quite important!!
  14. You have two options:

    1. Get a lawyer who has the relevant qualifications and experience to give you professional advice about it, or:

    2. Ask a load of people you don't know over the internet what they think.

    If I were you I'd ask the nutters on the net. They're bound to know exactly what to do.
  15. well der, he's already done that!