Any known UK source of Remington barrels?

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Pigshyt_Freeman, Apr 24, 2012.

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  1. I'm attempting to purchase a slug barrel for a Remington 870, but can't seem to find out anyone who deals in them. This is the part if anyone can help:

    24622 Express Deer Barrel w/ Rifle Sights 12 20" RS Imp. Cyl.

    I have a slot for it on my ticket so if anyone knows of a good second-hand one I'd buy it on the spot.
  2. Last I heard Edgar Bros are the Remington Importers. There's plenty of adverts for them on here or:
    Rifles, Shotguns & Ammunition | Edgar Brothers
    Might be worth giving them a bell for price for a start?
  3. Are you sure youve got a slot on your FAC? , I thought pump action rifles were sect 5 except .22rf ?
  4. It's a shotgun.
  5. No, I can have a rifled barrel as well, it's a shotgun held on an FAC for humane dispatch, as long as you put in for a variation for the barrel as a separate 'firearm' you can have pretty much what you like.
  6. Whoever advised you of that is wrong and whichever force advised you of that is wrong. You are making a prohibited firearm:
    Firearms Act 1968
    Good luck :-(
  7. Exactly what I thought or you could do the same with a s/auto shotgun which with a rifled barrel would become a s/auto rifle , sect 5.
  8. Correct. Banana to both of us. :) I recommend Pigshyt gets some legal advice from BASC before he breaks the law. Whether you call it a shot gun or not, it becomes a rifled gun.

    One of the reasons why it should (and eventually will when the HO get off their arrses), be amended to 'less than .22RF' so that you can have s/auto .17 HMR's.

    Of course, as above; he can have an open authority for a spare Section 1 barrel, so long as it's smooth bore and doesn't make the whole thing less than 40" overall excluding any folding, telescopic etc. stock.
  9. Be that as it may, the one I'm after is smoothbore, as noted in the original post. They don't have 'improved cylinder' or indeed any other choke, on a rifled barrel.
  10. Minor point but you can put a choke on a rifled barrel, you just wouldn't for a whole host of reasons.

    I took it from your original post that it was smooth bore particularly as you mentioned IC, hence referring to Edgar Bros as the importers to see what they retail them for to give an idea.
  11. I'm not sure if you are aware, as no one else has said it, but Mossberg make replacement barrels for the Remington 870, including slug barrels with rifle sights. I know this may sound odd, and everyone I know who was told this, including me, didn't believe it until we had seen one (this was pre internet in the 90's). The story I was told was that Remington wasn't really interested in making or marketing them, so Mossberg did instead, and as they still list them now, I guess they thought that there was money to be made. A friend of mine did get a Remington made 24" slug barrel with sights, but it took the importer (Hull at the time) over a year to get it.

    I used to have an old 1950's 870, 5 shot on an FAC. Mine was on old Army or Police weapon, had armoury marks, 28" full choke barrel with no rib, just a small brass bead front site. The action was, by the time I had it in the late 90's, as smooth as silk. Used to get some funny looks the odd time I turned up at a clay shoot with it, but hard not to smile when you outshot the guy with the Grade 5 Browning, and I could always hit going away birds with it, which I always used to struggle with when I used my Beretta O/U.

    There used to be an RFD in Andover, called Richard, traded as South Western Ordnance (I think, it was a long time ago!) who used to do all things pump action. Not sure if he's still trading. Might be worth trying to look him up.

    I used to shoot pistol (alot!) and a little bit of clays, and was a member of the Artists at Bisley, among others. I wouldn't usually post on here as I'm just a lurker with my military career peaking at L/Cpl in the ACF, (but always had that little regret that I didn't join up), but no one else on here had put about the little known Mossberg made barrels, so I hope it was useful. Google "Mossberg replacement barrels for Remington 870" and all sorts pop up from across the pond, where they are rather keen on such things.

    I'll go back to lurking now.
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  12. There's a guy near Dorchester (or used to be) called Steve Pike who was an RFD who sold a lot of 870s.
  13. What about a second barrel on a shotgun cert. What happens then?

    BTW it a bear. I have an 870 without a rib unchoked. With out getting it out to look at IIR it says mod on the barrel. Not sure if its's for min of d or modified barrel. Top shotgun though. The way it is weighted and points suits me.
  14. Badger Heed - Steve Pike, now there's a name from the past! I should have put to try anyone to do with the UKPSA practical shotgun crowd. If you were going to use a pump, the 870 was the one of choice back in the day.

    Bonnacon - Could that be for what the Americans would call modified choke, i.e. what we'd call half choke (I think!) I've hung up my guns, section 1 in 1998, and section 2 in 2001, so doing this from memory. Although the wife is doing the ladies Purdeys course at West London Shooting School, so you never know, I might get back into it.

    Back to lurking.
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