Any JSP752 gurus around?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by fivetodo, Jun 1, 2009.

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  1. As there doesnt seem to be any on ArmyNet and the answer i have got so far from the Admin office seems to suggest they arent too sure what to do in my case ;)

    I seemingly eligible to claim for GYH as i recently got married and am serving married unaccompanied, the missus is living at home in our/her house (which is mortgaged).

    So prior to disappearing on leave to get married (back in April) i was told i would just need a copy of the marriage certificate, a council tax bill showing my name on it and also a utility bill also with my name on it.

    However the regulations changed on 01 May 09 for the qualification and also the eligibility of this allowance.

    When i rocked up at the Admin office after getting back from leave i was told that i now needed a shed load of documentation, i have read the relevant chapters in JSP752 and either i am missing something but there is no mention of needing any of this paperwork for anything other than a privately maintained property which seems to be totally seperate from a 'family home'

    The drama i have is that as it was/is her house the mortgage paperwork is held by her solicitor and is in her maiden name.

    All the utility bills are in her married name but they dont show my name on them because 'all' the bills go through her bank account.

    We haven't got a joint account as we keep our money seperate.

    So all i have at the moment is a marriage certificate and a council tax statement showing my name on it as of the date we got married.

    All my financial statements/accounts are registered at our home address.

    So with all that in mind i am told that it will likely have to go to SPVA PACC for them to have a look at my case and that it could take months to sort out???

    So is the situation being misread here? i can understand the new regulations for PMP's being implemented to stop single soldiers claiming for property that is being rented out, but as a married soldier do i really need all that paperwork when i have a marriage certificate with my address on it? :D

    Any help is appreciated :)
  2. Sounds like someone is being slightly **** here.......unless your an admin nightmare to begin with ;0) However if you refer it up to PACC they have 10 days to acknowledge receipt then a further 10 days to answer. If all that your saying is correct then I see no reason for them not authorising this. Saying that there not normally known for being overly generous ;0)
  3. Many thanks for the reply,

    All the requirements for documentation relate to a service person entitled to GYH(T) when they have a Privately maintained Property (PMP)

    It makes no simple reference to a married soldier who is living unaccompanied in the Mess

    It does mention the qualifying residence of which i am eligible as in the "family home".

    It then states under the eligibility that i am indeed eligible as i am permitted to return home at weekends (of which i do pretty much every weekend).

    And it then talks about the Privately maintained property, of which i am not claiming for as this is my family home where my wife lives.

  4. Five, Didn't need to read your whole post, seen this a million times. Your interpretation is indeed correct. You DO NOT need to provide that paperwork for the FAMILY HOME. You will find however, that a lot of Sys Co-ords / RAOs like to interpret the rules any way they see fit.

    Ask for a CO's interview and get the matter sorted. It probably wont even get to the CO once he/they get challenged and you throw the rules at them.

  5. Roger that, i will tip my hat to the Admin office tomorrow.

    In fairness the Admin staff arent actually getting funny about it, when i rocked up to get my paperwork sorted etc they started going on about the new regulations and a bit of head scratching went on, in short they are under the impression that i needed the paperwork etc but they couldnt be 100% sure.

    I just wished they could have picked the phone up and got a definite answer, i am sure they could have better spent their time that they wasted on me, sorting some other poor sods pay out, i can wait for mine at least :)

    Cheers for the replies

  6. As stated by JT above you don't need to provide any paperwork to claim GYH in your situation. You are claiming it as a separation allowance and not to a PMP. Only single/married accomanied personnel claiming to a PMP must provide the new reams of paperwork.
  7. Don't wait too long :)
  8. The requirement for utility bills etc pre-dates JSP 752 and it was a requirement to attach a copy (updated annually) to the AF 09621, when claiming.

    As the majority of input these days is key stroke, rather than paperwork, it does not relieve Unit HR of the duty of verifying the facts prior to input. If to verify the facts they require a copy of a utility bill, or in this council tax bill (which is perfectly acceptable), I would support my Systems Sgt wholeheartedly as would the chain of command. (unless they are negligent in their duties).

    There is currently a reigning in of claims and IR allowances, due to recent misapprropriation of substantial sums of cash. It would seem that MP's are not alone in milking it a little.

    All of that said, a photocopy of your council tax bill, is sufficient proof that you would be resident at the property, subject to the requirements of the service.
  9. All done and dusted :)

    Just rang the Admin office and told them the advice i had been given and got the response "well you never told us you were married and this was your family home" :D

    End result, just bring your marriage certificate over, your council tax bill and a bank statement showing you at that address and we will sort it out for you :)

    Cheers for the advice again guys :)
  10. If my memory serves me correct(which it normally does);

    There was no such requirement within the Pay Warrant, RAAC and even the early editions of the 752. It was merely a sensible initiative brought in by most units, to stop people claiming fraudulently.

    The only people that had to produce Council tax bills (by the book) were single personnel claiming GYH(SA) and possibly RILOR.