Any Joomla gurus out there?

I have tried looking through the menu settings, HOWTOs, user guides and what not, but just can't seem to find the fix I need...

On our web site, some pages show the Catergory title, while others do not. I've "inhertited" the admin responsiblity of our web site, so don't know what the orignal site author did when the site was set up as far as templates and so on are concerned.

Anyway, I would like to remove the Catergory title and dashed-line from this web page:
Biomass burners

and just the dashed-line from this page:

The hosting uses Joomla for the site management (version 1.5.22). The WYSIWYG editor is pants.

Any ideas?
Ahh ... just too late.

The old Sgt Slingsby website was run with Joomla!, and I managed all the updates/stories/photos etc as Assistant Webmaster. Nothing clever though, I was just making the inputs. The site was built by our wizard meridian - I'm sure he'd be willing to answer a PM if he has time [he's a busy bloke].

Cranky system, though - no capital letters in file names, that sort of thing. Anything wrong with the formatting and it just sulks, without telling you where you've cocked up!!
Thanks. Yeah, as far as the article editor goes, WYSIWYG? No chance! It's worse than the old Yahoo Geocities online editor. I just write the content in plain HTML with a text editor and paste it into the Article Manager editor. then it does exactly what I want. As for the rest of the crap around it...
meridian migrated us to WordPress after the old Joomla! site was trashed by hackers.

In the "Input Device" I find it easier to work with, although we lost a bit of 'Bear Identity' in the process by being [sensibly] bundled in with holidays4heroes ... I miss the map with pins for where the Bears have been, but that's more a case of him not having time to tinker, rather than a software issue.
I guess my main gripe is that the interface isn't very intuitive. Added to the fact that I have very limited control over the site's content - which isn't a fault of Joomla. Personally, I'd rather dust off and nuke the site from orbit. Just to be sure. Then redo the whole thing.
Like most options in Joomla, each page either inherits the default setting or can be set individually for each page.
It's best to inherit the options as much as possible.

In version 1.6 (not sure if it is the same in 1.5) goto the article manager and click on an article you want to change the category option for. On the righthand side of the properties page is a drop down for "article options" where you can change whether you want to show the category or not.
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