Any jobs in Kent?

Realise this is a long shot but who dares wins (or writes novels!)

I am soon to graduate with a 2:1 (predicted) in Management Studies from a certain Devon based Uni.

Will be returning home to Kent in June and have not been able to get a job lined up yet...

Don't suppose there are any ARRSErs out there who can use the 'old boy network' to help me get some interviews for places? Would prefer an office based 9-5 type job in sales or HR (reasonably flexible on those) and am open to offers from all companies, big or small.

My only real exception to this are jobs in which I will be effectivly self employed as I wish to be able to guarantee my income at least for a few years.

If anyone can PM me any info then I will be happy to give more details - Rest assured that I am not some layabout trying to sponge a job (I know it shocking to me too!!) but am simply maximising my oppertunities!

Many thanks!!

Posted on the over the wire board as well, thought that this board may be useful

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