Any Jobs at JHSU or JATEU?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Golf_one_one, May 26, 2003.

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  1. Anyone know of any jobs at JHSU or JATEU for AAC groundy's?
    I'm pretty sure we could do a better job than the usual lardy loggie and failed pilot crab general duties officer you find running LP's

    Also, is there any scope for FAC training for the likes of us?

    fire away.....
  2. Dont know about JHSU but I think unless you spend a bit of time running up large hills in Wales with your house on your back and change your name to 'Bob' or spend four years on a pilots course, your chances of FAC are very slim in your current job, sorry! With regards to JATEU, I hate to say it but speak to Bles in 1 Regt.
  3. All these "J"'s not very joint are they.........

    Oh well.....

    Bles is in Basra at the moment anyway
    (much the same as when he was banished to JATOC....)
  4. Best place for him, nice to see that the Corps loves everyone!!!!!
  5. PP9,

    Don't be put off ring JATEU direct.

    Don't ask don't get!