any irish lads in the british army

Discussion in 'Ireland (ie. Irish Defence Force)' started by danny_mo, May 25, 2009.

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  1. hi im a south eire catholic im about to join the brit army are there any other south ireland catholics joinin or already in the brit army especially the royal irish regiment? what are your thoughts? cheers for your help
  2. Go for it, mucker. Are there any particular aspects of serving in the British Army that you're worried about? Or did you just want to let everybody know?

  3. The Irish guards are in Windsor ATM. A fair few of those are S. Irish. Wether Catholic or not I have no idea. Is it important?
  4. Yes, and yes. My thoughts are that Britney Spears is seriously misunderstood.... Go for it mate lots of them in and not just the RIR.
  5. Danny,

    just join. Be prepared to have the p1ss ripped out of you at every turn, just like everone else.

    10% of the British Army are foreigners and no-one gives a toss. There is a little resentment towards the Irish as a result of the troubles but in 22 years I never saw this directed towards any Irishman from the North or South who was serving. If anything the Irish are seen as Brits who lost their way, just not quite as much as Australians, Kiwis or Canadians.

    Unless you join R Irish just get used to the fact that you will be forever 'Paddy'
  6. yeh i dont have a problem with friendly racism lol and can give as good as i get and no its not a problem to me if folks are prod or catholic just didnt know if it would be a problem to other people, my main concern is joinin a reg full of north prods that hate catholics becuase of the troubles! but doesnt apper to be that way i spose i could always move to! im feeling the idf in a few years when they open the doors again
  7. Don't hold your breath on the PDF.
  8. In the British Army, it's not actually racism, Danny, it's "somewhere-else-ism". Meaning that you'll get the same slagging off and in the same spirit as Geordies, Scousers, Jocks, Taffs or whatever, simply because you're from "somewhere else".

    With regard to your concerns about Prods, I've made some interesting observations over the years. I have relatives in Derry, who we visit on a regular basis. Of course, as soon as I open me gob, they immediately hear that I'm from the ROI and know that I must be a Catholic. However, they seem to accept that more readily than with Catholics in the Six Counties. They sort of treat me a bit like a foreigner, and since my lovely wife is Italian, I feel a bit like her at times.

    So, essentially, I believe it's highly unlikely that you'll experience any grief at all in that respect.

    Hope this helps.

  9. The DS answer Bugsy,nail on the head mate :D now piss off you bog trotter :D :D
  10. "Bog-trotter is hyphenated! Jaisus but da standard uv Inglish frumm da Brits is ferocious bad. :D

  11. I's ok I'm a Jock,we spell it quick :D
  12. May be of interest in framing it link

    I personally get referred to as 'Mick' on occasion but I just threaten to tarmac their drive or release the dags and they tend to shut up! If given the choice of joing the IDF or the British army I'd say its ano brainer. Do you really want to spend half your time guarding Securior vans running bank transfers?

    I saw a report which claimed there were 113 (or so) soldiers in the British Army from the Republic but to be honest I find it hard to believe it is so low. Trying to track down source and will post if I find it. Same report said over 1000 members of the armed forces had an 'unkown' nationality which was even more curious.
  13. As he is differant topics could he be some one fishing. Jurno or CIRA?

  14. he asked a valid question, being a catholic myself from northern ireland its a little different over here than mainland britian when it comes to being interested in the army
  15. Thought you had left. Shame.