Any Ipswich TA lads here?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by H201, Jul 15, 2006.

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  1. Hi all,

    im about to join up but im still unsure about what unit in ipswich to join:


    Does any one have any views or experiences as to which is the better run unit?

    ta chaps.
  2. Thanks guys<

    yep i have a car!!

    having read the links sounds like a good unit to join,

    im still in the process of getting fit enough so should i wait another month or so or just ring em any way?

    Thanks again.
  3. Ring them to arrange coming into the TAC. They drill every Tuesday night at 8pm normally.

    Fitness is not an issue as they will get you up to speed for your CMSR.

    There not a bad bunch there. I drill at Swaffham which a detachment of 677 Sqn.

    If you ring them today, you might be able to come on our jolly at Honington tomorrow night.
  4. Do you want to be be a soldier and gain driving quals? - Join the loggies

    Do you want to be be a soldier, gain driving quals and gain comms skills? - Join the signals


    (PM me!)
  5. But if you want all three and a good bunch of lads join 677 (or 202 as they were when I knew them),
  6. But you are 25 miles up the road at Bury!
  7. Hi
    Im a trooper in ipswich sigs. i joined in colchester and moved up here with the sigs.
    i think the best thing for you to do is go on a week night to both chat to the people see what trades are on offer and the best bit go to the bar after and chat to people. make sure you talk to the lowest to the highest both will talk to you and tell you the good and bad bits.
    i dont know about logs but the sigs at ipswich are going through alot of changes its the best time to get there. new kits coming in tours are up to go on.
    i may be wrong but logs at ipswich are huge theres a lot of them it may be a good thing or not. sigs are smaller everyone knows everyone we hang out together.
    the choice i yours but the best bit is you can go wed nights for one and i think the next night for the other.
  8. Ipswich's sigs troop are a top bunch... small numbers (as you'd expect) but always good % turnout and performance on exercises.

    New (and good) kit is on the way and with Southend joining, 45 Sig Sqn as a whole are in excellent shape. There may also be some ties developing with 16AA.

    A couple of them are quite handy in the bar too ;-)

    Get down there on a Wed night and see what they're about - the rest would be up to you from there. They're no strangers to handling casual enquiries and would be happy to talk you through everything without any pressure.

    Hope that helps.
  9. were not that handy at the bar. :eek:
    the kit were getting is aparently the dogs b****** and all that cant wait to get my hands on it. ive heard about this 16aa tie should be intresting.
  10. That didn't stop me driving 83 miles each way :D
  11. Watch this space - Good news incoming
  12. Sigs are a good call (but then I would say that). The Ipswich mob may be small in numbers but unlike 95% of the rest of the TA (including the loggies) who have a general reinforcing role they have an operational one right now to provide communications for UK Operations.

    The Ipswich mob, along with the rest of their unit did an actual operation last year, and have guys at a days notice to deploy. The links with 16 Air Assualt Brigade's Signal Sqn look really exciting with lots of opportunities there, for the future.