Any "interesting" ideas on sorting this sorry country out?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Electric_Dobbin, Feb 21, 2008.

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  1. How can we get rid of all the immigrants??
    A short term in government for the BNP? :?
  2. Military Coup!!
  3. Glass carpark ?

    Let me know beforehand though ;)
  4. But we love you. Jerkoff.
  5. You do not get rid of all immigrants. Just the wasters thus freeing up prison space for our home grown chavs.

    Mind you I'm prepared to keep all the nice looking birds to employ as (cough) research assistants in my future administration!
  6. Jesus, not this again! Are you for real when you are spouting off about the BNP? Is this website being infiltrated by neo-nazi scum?
  7. If you read the BNP website they are hardly even right wing anymore, never mind neo-nazi

    And I believe them. There again I also believe in Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy
  8. E_D let me save you the time. Me and the Cad go toe to toe about this around about once every two months or so.

    Go look at our fights and get it out of your system. Are you in the mob? If so join us for a pint - I'm paying as Cad only has one good arm and his wallet isn't on the good side. :X

    If you are a civvy we are looking for someone to hit - do you volunteer? :D
  9. I just like being controversial... but I'd never object to siding with one of my ethnically challenged muckas against a civvy!

    Equal Opportunities in action!! :D
  10. Jesus Christ, where do you want to start?

    In the begining .. .. .. There was a "CHRISTIAN GOD!
  11. Actually Woden came before The Christian one... if were going to get religious.

    Actually I feel myself being drawn to Mecca...

    Bingo anyone?
  12. WE have a FULL house!
  13. It's always the immigrants!!!! Burn them all!!! :roll: :roll:

    Whilst I agree that a lot of people coming into the UK are doing so for a free ride, not all immigrants should be removed or are the problem.

    Maybe it's time we looked at our own indigenous wasters who spend their time languishing on the benefits that the working people (including a lot of immigrants) pay for, leaving the immigrants that you seem to have a sad on for, take up the plentifull jobs that our own can't be bothered to do.

    That's a start.
  14. I say we get the KZs working again. Race, religion, nationality, not a factor, if you are of working age and can't answer yes to 'do you have a job?', then it's the showers for you! This will be applied to those swinging the lead on long term sick as well, they'll soon be 'stressed' when they get given a star and told to join the line.
  15. yes get rid of em all the lazy no good workshy sponging slobs with their sickening thieving little toerag offspring..... oh immigrants? i thought you said chavs... you know, good old british WHITE folk..

    lordy are you for real or just a fcuktard?

    edited to add.. the problem with 'this sorry country' is that its sorry inhabitants keep electing real fecking theiving lying peices of shoite who go under the name of 'members of parliament'... get all these members of Parliament and do a Caucescu on them... i.e take em round the back and blow their heads off.... then start again with real people not politicians... have a system like they do for choosing Juries... 'right you you 12 muppets you are now joint sectretaries for transport for a year....get on with it'... lets face it cant be any fecking worse!