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I've done the barb etc. & the sgt convinced me to go for Ammo Tech., but after reading some of the other threads from you guys, I think I'm making a mistake! My other choices were RAC, or AAC. I need some true inside advice & not what they try to make you believe in the careers centre! So any advice on my choices or even other trades would be great...


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It depends on what you are interested in, your BARB scores and what is available. Do you want to be an infantry soldier, or do you want a trade? Are you 'indoorsy' or do you prefer to be in the mud/sand? What qualifications do you have from school?

Anyone on this site will reccommend that you do the job that was/is their trade (if they like it!!). The 3 choices you have already spoken about are all vastly different from each other. Think about what you might want to spend the next 22 years doing.
You must always look at the "after army" prospects. Any trade that gives you a headstart for when you get out is good. But saying that everyone needs a chef but after 22yrs being a chef in the Army maybe those guys want a different change after they leave. Im a PetOp but you can gain all sorts of qualifications what ever job you do that are nothing to do with your trade. If you address it as "what can you do as an Ammo Tech in civvy street" then you better get an Ammo Tech to answer that.
Don't want to be in doors, I do want to be out there!But from what the sgt said at the careers office, they're always out parachuting here & there & dealing with bombs?!
I wouldn't mind doing inf but I want to get to get something out of the army as well.
I've got GCSE'S & As'. I scored 67 in the barb


Good score... You sound intelligent and well motivated, have you ever thought of a job in civvie street where these qualities will be appreciated?
I work for the home office at the moment...a desk job is not what I want! I've also been given a plumbing apprenticeship to start in September, but all I want to do is join the the army!


Being serious now, you may be better off in The Int Corps, they're on the lookout for good people especially if you have language aptitude. Would be worthwhile thinking about it before you get to RSC.
As the careers officer said, you may be jumping out of planes and defusing bombs but like my trade you can work with helicopters and jump out of planes. Every trade has its "shiny bits" but they are few and far between. You seem to have a good score so choose carefully, im sat in a office with all the Armys bulk fuel reserve outside my office...depending what flicks your switch its not something that will make you join up but 2 years ago i was helping refuel CIA (although officially they werent there!!) aircraft in Afghanistan!
I appreciate the fact that I should put my quals to good use, but they don't get involved in the physical side much do they? Is there nothing in the combat side?
LOL..the only people who didnt know they were there were the CIA themselves!!!!!
The AT trade has very good promotion adn if you have the right skills then once in it you could do a lot of the interesting EOD stuff. Clearly in this climate there is a market for AT skills in civvy street.

It actually quite hard to become an AT and has two levels of selcetion prior to the course,so it is for the bright. If you have wider employment experience then this will probably be a help. The AT trade is well looked after as a whole sp I wouldn't worry abpout the internal sniping you see here.
If you are into the Chemistry side of life the PetOp trade allows you to do a Chemical Laboratory Assistant course in Petroleum, you cover Distillation, Flashpoint, Cold Filter Plugging Point of Fuels etc...not for one minute saying you will walk into Esso at the end of your career but its another string to your bow when it comes to CV's etc!
Idon't mind chemistry, but i don't think that trade is ideally the 1 for me. Im only reading it bacause the sgt said it would help. If i'm telling the truth, i'm torn between AT & RMP
If you have all the Army fuel outside your window we have a massive spill to clear up
F**ck me MSI!! Wrong theatre of war im need to look further down south for any sign of Spills!!!!

How is the Falklands at the moment??
I know butwasjust checking I wasnt getting Diesel on my shiny boots when I come into work on Friday.

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